Friday, December 2, 2011


So...drove through Kent, WA today while Matt was at work in Seattle...hmmm....sadly it was nothing like it looks online and was really not so nice. (That's putting it nicely). BUT...what I did discover is that Covington, WA which is right next door (and closer to my work) is super nice and awesome and I love it. The other night I told my friends all about my excitement about Kent and they said..."Um, Chelsea...that's a little ghetto.." I was bummed and felt like crying but... (they were right). So they told me about Covington instead and they were also so right!  Wal-Mart, Applebee's, Kohls, Starbucks, Pier 1...that's just what I saw on the main road. Sounds good to me. Sadly, no Target. But, I'll just drive back here to go there after work. My drive from Wal-Mart back to where I work (to time it) was just 22 minutes. I could totally do that and not go insane. Houses are still that same, low prices and still super nice. *sigh* I'm so happy. There is still light at the end of our apartment living tunnel.

We have an eventful weekend starting tonight :) Chaperoning the middle school dance at the Community Center where I work tonight. Tomorrow is my last day of Saturday classes before their recital. The last day of class is always fun! It is also my Father-in-Law's birthday so we have a fun night which includes Outback Steakhouse (Matt's so pumped) and then to the city to see Cinderella at the 5th Ave. Theater! I'm so excited!

Sorry this post may be boring for some of you, but this is why I wanted to blog...I want to be able to look back a few years from now and see everything we were doing and thinking about. : ) 

Have a good weekend everyone!! Time to go mail out all of our Christmas cards. I printed out the photos at Wal-Mart. Awesome. Now I wish I could print out all of ours. Next weekend maybe, when I have more time : )

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  1. Hooray for light at the tunnel. And Christmas cards. Oh man, we need to do that! :)