Saturday, December 24, 2011


Matt just went out to do his super last minute Christmas shopping Ha. He does this every year. So here I am left alone at home on Christmas Eve. I asked him to please just stick to Target so he can come home sooner, there are at least 2 things I would love from every section of that entire store lol. 

While he's gone, I couldn't resist getting him a couple more gifts! Probably shouldn't have, but it's Christmas and the most exciting part for me isn't getting presents, but knowing you got someone you love something that they really love and seeing their reaction and happiness when they open it. 

Tomorrow morning Matt will find out that he has a membership to our local train station and has 4 free rides to use beginning in April when it opens again! He's going to be so so so excited! We just realized a few months ago that the train in Snoqualmie by the waterfall, Snoqualmie Falls, actually runs. If I could have I would have bought him a train trip up to Canada, maybe one day ; ) 
He's loved trains since he was little. I saw on the website they do train birthday parties for kids where the kids all sit in a car together and the birthday invites are the train tickets. Oooo I hope we have a boy one day, Matt will probably enjoy it more than our kids lol. 

He will also find out tomorrow that we are going to be going Tubing on Friday at the Summit at Snoqualmie! He has been wanting to do that since we moved here almost 3 years ago, so there you go. We're going. He's going to be so excited.

Waiting for him under the tree are also 2 new zip-up 'Bieber' hoodies (that's what I call them lol), a Muppet's Joke Book, a Sunset issue that is all about road trips in the Northwest which has a sticky note attached saying 'Pick One, we're going this summer in our new car!' and also Cosmo Truth or Dare.
(hehe, newlywed fun). I am so so so excited for tomorrow morning now. I was feeling like I didn't get him anything that he really wanted and the road trip gift is so far out from now. Now, he has things under the tree that are for now and he'll love. I'm so so excited for him to open them! I'm so pumped he's a member of our Train Depot. Hehe so cool! 

When he gets home he is going to make our Christmas Eve dinner that we will have for the fourth time together. I can't believe this is our fourth Christmas Cheesy Chicken Asparagus Casserole. Then we are going to make a fire (I love that we have a wood burning fire place in our apt.) and play Monopoly (which we also do every Christmas Eve) while watching The Grinch (Jim Carey version) and Mickey's Christmas Carol. I love our traditions and that we've stuck to them. I want to sleep in the living room tonight by the tree...we'll see how Matt feels about that :) 

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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