Friday, December 23, 2011

Locks for Love & Love for Matt

Yesterday I was feeling super 'yuck', had a moment of hatred towards the world (also poor Cogsy and Matt who also received some of the brunt of 'Chelsea hates her life sometimes'), then decided if I did not get out of the house within the next 30 minutes, I was gonna lose it and shit was probably going to go down. 

So, I started calling hair salons. 

I have been wanting to donate my hair to Locks for Love since before our wedding. I grew it out for 2 1/2 years while we were engaged and then after our wedding just started getting super annoyed at how long it was. I was so excited to donate it and yesterday was the perfect day to feel like I did something good. 

Here is the before picture of how long it was...whoa. It was past my bra strap. I haven't had hair that long since I was like 9. Mel's description of this photo lol "Cousin It", ha. 

I was pretty nervous before, my hands were sweaty for like an hour before I left. That doesn't happen to me, it was super weird. Once I sat down in the chair she put it in rubberbands and chopped it off within the first 2 minutes of me sitting down and once she cut it I remembered how much I love my hair short :)

I didn't stop there. On my way home I picked up Mel and we headed to Target to buy hair dye. We decided this was the best time in my life for me to do something super different and fun as there are no super important photos anytime soon, so...we chose...

I wish you could tell better in this picture, it's not actually dark red like it looks here. It's like just, red. Not like natural red head red (I wish) but a good nice pretty red. I'm pleased. And now wish to go to an actual salon when this starts fading to get it as close as possible to real red-head red! I love it.
Matt loves it and I suddenly feel like a way more attractive person. Matt keeps staring at me and saying, "I just love your hair!" It's been fun ; ) He said I look like a new person and I think that must have been fun for him lol. (sorry for the TMI, ha.) 

I had a lot of fun having sister time with Mel last night too. I like having a big sister that can come over and dye my hair and talk about stuff : ) 

Today was a great Husband, Wife and Dog day. I woke up at 11:45am (what's new?) and felt like it was still 8:00am. I basically did nothing for the first 2 hours of my day (I was supposed to be doing laundry and dishes, whoops). I started feeling blah, took a shower, had fun playing with my new hair and then took a little drive down to the PO Box. Going to the PO Box is how I get paid. Most people receive a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck from a boss. I get paid from my PO Box. Ha, not really. I wish it was all my pay, but it is still fun going there to see how many new kids have signed up. Today was a full day and that's always exciting. While driving I was squinting because it was so sunny...I basically live for these days and cry when the sun goes away. I pray to God every single night, like a child, for a very silly request, that I will wake up to sun so that I can please, please, please be happy in the morning and that I can not feel like a poopy blob. Yes, a poopy blob lol. 

(If anyone is starting to feel concerned about my "yuck" or now "poopy blobness" lol, I am going to talk to a counselor again so we can figure out how to make me a happy person for the 153 hours a week that I'm not dancing or with happy smiling children, while still living in Washington and not Florida. Wish me luck. 3 years is too long to feel "yucky" this often. Vitamin D does absolutely nothing for me. I'm just not myself. I would like to be and I'm pretty sure Matt would like for me to be again too.)  

Man, I'm depressing. Annnyywayyys!!....

The second I got home, I ran in the door yelling, "It's sunny, it's sunny, hurry quick let's take Cogs for a walk! Hurry Hurry!" Matt got slightly annoyed as I made him put his iPad away and get his coat and shoes on faster than if he were in the Marines and it was time to get going lol. We did it though, I grabbed my Starbucks gift card that I received in a Christmas card from a dance family (loved because I haven't had a Starbucks -except from my Mom- in over a month), and we were out! Cogsy was so excited to be on a walk. We've been slacking because of my blahhhhness that I get this time of year. It's stupid here this time of year. Erg. 

When we got home, we checked the mail and MERRY CHRISTMAS. 
Our large wedding photo I ordered for our wall, an extremely large box from Matt's boss full of chocolates (score! sad for Matt), gifts from my Grandparents and like 10 Christmas cards! Awesome.

We decided to use part of my Grandparent's gift to keep me out of the house (Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa for saving my life today, that's an exaggerated literally). We went to Billy Bob's in Issaquah because I love it and it feels like Disney inside. It looks like Flo's Garage from Cars. :)  I had a yummy Hawaiian Burger and Matt...surprise, surprise a steak. 

The last event for our evening was to get to see my bestie, Katie! We went with her (Chris wasn't feeling well) to see a Christmas house in Issaquah :) We attempted a drive-through Nativity scene as well but we were a bit to late and it was closed. We gave her big huge hugs when we left because the next time we see her will be at the hospital with their baby! Whoa! There's going to be an extremely happy Auntie Chelsea around her pretty darn soon! I got to see the finished nursery tonight freakin' cute. She's so sweet and showed me their bassinet. Her mom was a baby in it, and then her and her brother and now their kids...then she told me if we would like it, it can be ours next. That is so so special. I told her about the cradle that all of us Hampe kids used and that it's wooden and would probably never be able to get here because it would be sad that the other 4 wouldn't get it back for their kids. She's an amazing friend. life is really good! Really, really good! I wish I could see that all the time. It makes me feel so selfish that I have bad days like I do. My life gets so dark, literally and figuratively. Not cool. It needs to stop so I can enjoy all the goodness that is around me. Good friends like Katie don't come around that often and amazing husbands like Matt are rare. Not everyone gets to do what they love as a job or have families that are as close as ours. I wish wish wish I could think about those things more when I'm down, but once I'm down I'm basically stuck in a black cave. Super frustrating.

I probably won't blog anymore until after Christmas.
Merry Merry Christmas everyone! 
I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families. I will be Kinecting with half and hanging with half. : ) Time to go make some hot chocolate and watch a movie with my husband : ) 

That's pretty darn lucky. I get to watch a movie with Matt who loves me even when I don't love me.  

Merry Merry Christmas.

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  1. Oh darling... I'm sad that the dreary weather is making you feel dreary inside... What about a gym membership or a heat lamp? (lol) I miss and love you!

    PS-RED HAIR?! I want to see MORE photos!