Sunday, December 18, 2011

2nd Annual Lanese Cookie Day

Yesterday was our 2nd Annual Lanese Cookie Baking Day.
We went down to Olympia again to bake cookies all day long.
Well, us girls baked cookies all day long. : ) We also played Ticket to Ride again, I love that game!

{we brought Cogsy along and he wasn't content in the car until he was on my lap}

We made soooo many. The night/morning before I baked 9 dozen sugar cookies so Clare could decorate them while we were baking. We ended up decorating 95% of them while she napped lol.

I also made 5 or 6 dozen of my favorite Peanut Butter Blossoms while we were there and Reindeer Pretzels with Clare. Her favorite part was accidentally getting chocolate on her fingers while she put the M&M's on and she'd get to lick it off. So cute.

So many other yummy cookies were made! Marie made Gingerbread and 2 no-bake family recipes, one of which is with butterscotch and is Matt's favorite Christmas cookie. Mel made Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles. And Megan made chocolate chip cookies (Clare's request) and adorable Candy Cane cookies.
So. Many. Cookies!

Here is a picture of Caitlin looking adorable in her Christmas attire. I'm so excited for Sunday, the twins first Christmas and Clare is going to be so much fun!!

My favorite part of the whole day was not cookie baking at all.
It was late at night when Matt and I went with just Chris, Megan & Clare to drive around looking at Christmas Lights. We stopped at a few times and Megan and I would get out with Clare while she ooed and aahed at the homes and lots of "Sosty's" (Frostys). The best was while we were driving Chris turned the radio off and all of us sang Christmas Carols loudly! It was so much fun! We sang at least 7 songs lol. The last house we went to was the whole reason we went out driving. Matt's Mom told us about this house that had the lights to music. We got there and what we discovered and freaked out about (Matt, Chris & I) was that it was to Space Mountain music!! I had Clare sit on my lap in the backseat and we pretended we were on the ride as I moved my legs around and bounced them lol. Eventually Megan told me, "Um, Chelsea...I don't think she gets it". Ha, duh. She's waaay too little for Space Mountain, but I liked it! Matt did it too LOL. Clare was so cute and excited to put money in the donation box with Megan. She was so proud. 

It was a fun way to get in the Christmas spirit!!



  1. some of those cookies look AMAZING!!!!!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  2. There are sooo many cookies! Ah. Totally want to go make some now!