Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All Things Just Keep Getting Better!


I just got more incredible news....EEee! Just when I thought we were forever from being on track financially, getting out of debt to be able to get another car and have savings. Things just keep falling into place. Like literally, just happening. 

With the new preschool jobs we are using all of that income completely as savings on top of regular savings. I was completely happy with the number we were at for each month. Ecstatic really. Feeling like, "whoa...savings is not that far owning a car is not that far away!" We are rocking this "Staying on Budget" thing. I've never ever felt more proud. We have really been working as a team. This is the thing we have been aiming towards for the past 3+ years, to be able to work in unison. Not as Chelsea having a plan and Matt having a plan, but us having plans together and accomplishing them together. That's all happening. Maybe it's God saying "Heyyyy, you down therrre! You aren't supposed to live together until you're married. It works better when you arrreeee" (I wrote this pretending God has an echo-y voice, Ha). If anyone asks if it feels different to be married. It actually does. I mean in small ways, but in big ways. There was always this big thing in the way "A Wedding" and now that it's over, it's like one big huge sigh. We can just love each other and focus on things that are super important.

I just got an email from the first preschool letting me know in lots of capital letters with lots of exclamation points and smiley faces that my first class is already full so we have a wait list and are talking about already opening a second class. (This would double the amount of savings a month...which is like.....un-freakin-real to me). It's so crazy! If we were to open a second class, with my 3 extra classes a month, it is basically like having two of me. It is like almost as much as I make just from owning the studio. Gah... It really truly is the greatest gift of all right now. (As I am reading what I am writing I kind of sound like all I care about is money with my job. That is the farthest thing from the truth. I never ever became a dance teacher hoping to make the big bucks lol...that's basically never going to happen, this is just an incredible blessing that will allow us to not live paycheck to paycheck anymore) God has been listening to my prayers so so much and I am so incredibly grateful. I can't even grasp this. Matt has an "I'm super happy and excited for you but won't show it fully until it's real and in the bank account" attitude right now about it. Which is unfortunate because I feel proud of us and am wishing he would be too. But then his has to be super realisticness about everything comes into play. (That's where we're different. I hate looking at things real. I'd rather dream. And he doesn't really dream that much but is always in the here and now. I'm never here lol. That's why I love him. He tries to keep me here. I'd basically blow away if it weren't for him, ha.) But I know that give it a few months and come March when all our debt is GONE 100%...whoa (still trying to grasp what that will feel like)...that he will be freaking out with happiness too. 

So, super happy happy time. 
We had our last Zeek's Trivia Night with the Moeller's tonight before Baby Moeller is here. Katie is still doing well which makes me so so happy. There has been a slight bump in the road, but I know everything will be okay. I'm also praying super hard on this one. I want Katie to get to be as happy during this next week as she has been these past 9 months. It's been incredible to see her grow and to just see how much she glows and how happy her and Chris are. They are always giddy with excitement about their little baby and just love them so much even though they know absolutely nothing about it yet other than it is theirs and they made it together. Ah, I love them. Katie is such an amazing friend and I want nothing more than for everything to go as smooth during labor and delivery for her as it has during her pregnancy. 

Next week at this time there will be a brand new baby here for us to love so so much, I can't wait to meet the little boy or girl :) I can't wait to go to the hospital and just see how happy they are and finally know if it's a Cameron or an Avery :) Katie told us tonight that she has a pack-n-play and bouncer seat for us to keep here. (Baby Moeller gets to hang out with Auntie Chelsea and Uncle Matty 3 days/week). She told us they got so many hand-me-downs of these items that we get to then also keep them, like forever. Awesome :) Of course I was giddy excited about that lol, even if they'll be in storage for a while YES...they will be, things are going to smooth right now and need to stay this way for a while no matter how bad I want a baby. Matt wants one too...just so everyone knows. I'm not alone in this. It's just thank goodness that whenever we reallllly want one Matt is good at being grounded (remember). 

So...yay for another "raise". God is really working his magic right now. I know it. It's gotta be him. It's not Santa lol. Well...maybe him too ; ) I can't wait to start teaching all these new kids soon! And being that I hired another teacher for this quarter, my number of classes has not gone up from last quarter too much! 15 classes (3 of those hours count as team practices) in Issaquah, 1 maybe 2 in Sammamish and then 1 in Bellevue. I am so so so so soooo excited! 

P.S. My husband makes me happy because as I'm sitting here blogging, he is sitting on the couch watching videos on YouTube (via Apple TV to our TV) of Disney rides and I know he's pretending he's on them...hehe he's the best husband in the whole world! Shhh...don't tell I wrote this. He doesn't read the blog because he says "why should I, I live it". True...very true.

Merry Merry Christmas Everyone!! Eee.... :D I'm never going to fall asleep tonight, again!!