Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mom Weekend!

We dropped my mom off at the airport this morning at 7am. She was here for a quick weekend but we did a lot together and I was so happy she was here. The main reason for her trip was to see my recital and I'm so excited that she did. 

She arrived at 10pm on Thursday night so we just talked when we got home.

Friday morning we slept in until 10am.
 (My mom has been working 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts at the hospitals so it was good for her to finally get some sleep!)
We went to Justice to buy my sister's all their Christmas presents. I had 4 $25/off coupons because I bought so much stuff there for the recital. The girls will have a pretty good Christmas because of this :) 
Then we just did some stuff to get ready for the recital and made a trip to Starbucks, of course. 
Then we had the recital and went to dinner with Matt's mom at Red Robin.

Saturday we took my mom to see the new areas we've discovered as possible places to live :) She loved them. Then we headed to Ikea and the mall. We decided we didn't need to go to the city and that we would do new stuff instead. She hadn't seen our Disney Store yet so the mall was a good choice! We went to Snowflake Lane and my mom loved it!! We also took her to dinner at Mod Pizza (you choose all your toppings and it's $6.88 for a huge personal pizza no matter what you put on it...soo good!) 
When we got home my mom finished crocheting me a Kindle case that she started on Friday. It's awesome. I'll post photos of it later.

It was a super quick trip and after we dropped her off this morning I got really sad. 
She did a lot of nice things to help us while she was here. This morning at 6am she was doing all she could to fix our vacuum before she left lol. (Cogsy sheds too much and it's way clogged that it wont' suck up anything...ugh).

Cogsy was really sad Grandma was leaving. This is his attempt at not letting her leave, laying on top of her suit case ; ) Or maybe he wanted to go on a trip? 

I loved having her here and I wish I had more mom weekends, maybe one day we'll be able to visit each other more often. I hope!


  1. That is seriously an adorable photo of him sleeping!

  2. I love Mom time! I'm super close with my mom, too and it's so hard to have her live so far!

  3. Found your blog via Jena @ Recently Roach and I love it! You live in the PNW, which means I like you even better! Where do y'all live? I'm from Bremerton, WA, and cannot wait to go visit over Christmas!

    Happy Monday!


  4. Hi Sarah!! That's so awesome that you live so close! We're in Issaquah : ) Do you know any other bloggers around here? We should have a blog meet-up sometime!