Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tis the Season to be FReeZing!

Today was productive.
For being "off" from work I sure did work a lot today. I think everyone forgets that there's a lot more to my job than just going to class to dance everyday. Lots of fun business stuff today...

But, we had a super fun night with Mel & Clint! 
We went to Zoo Lights at Point Defiance Zoo for the first time. 
The lights were so much fun to look at, even as a grown up. There were even some animals out to see which was neat. Cute little meerkats, some penguins, I fed some goats lol, a tiger and lots of fish.
We really liked it and though it may not be a new tradition, it will definitely be fun to do again. 

I took some pictures but they don't do it justice...

{I would definitely like to go to this zoo during the day, maybe this summer}

{How long do we get to be called "the Newlyweds" ??}

{the soon-to-be's} :)

{I made this hat in the car on the way there lol}
{$1 well spent! Ha. Feeding the goat I mean.}

{this little guy was doing a creepy tongue thing lol}

{the reason Matt won't swim in open water}

After we went to Applebee's. Fun night! I like when we double date with them. :)


  1. I have never been to the Zoo lights there. Might be something we need to do this year.

  2. Oo This looks fun! We haven't been out to see lights yet, but hopefully that will happen soon! :)