Thursday, December 8, 2011

So Remember the Day when...

I got bored and decided to cut my hair...

That day was today.

They started with a nice side sweep and they looked pretty good. Like I used to have them when we lived in FL. I showed Matt and he loved them, even said "aw they look like when we lived in FL". 

But nooo...I couldn't just leave it at that. ...I went back in the bathroom and accidentally decided they needed to be a little shorter. Oops...Matt hates bangs. Haha, he thought it was sooooo funny.

Thanks. Your hair doesn't look much better Mr. "Hasn't Taken a Shower Yet and it's 11:00am" :( He photo bombed this by the way...I didn't know he was behind me lol I thought the Christmas tree was.

Thankfully, they can still sweep a little. With a TON of hairspray. Oh well. Hair grows and it's kind of fun. I'd like them more if I knew Matt did. Oh well.

Have a good day everyone. Now it's time to put my boredom to good use and make my dancers cute little hair bows for tomorrows recital. MUCH better way to use my time lol.


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  1. I love it! Seriously SO cute. You are rockin those bangs!