Monday, December 19, 2011


I haven't been making very many new recipes lately due to budgeting, but we were under these last few weeks so this week I get to make more yummy Pinterest recipes! Yay!

Click on any of the following recipe titles for links to the websites I found from Pinterest. I can't wait to start cooking tonight. 



Calzones or...if Katie hasn't gone into labor yet, our weekly Zeek's for Trivia night


(Matt said he'll pick around the cornbread because I love it so much)

Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, Cheesy Chicken Asparagus Casserole (Matt makes it!)
Photos and recipe coming soon...

Christmas dinner at Chris & Megan's with Matt's family
I believe we're having ham :) Yummy for me not for Matt. 

We ordered all of our groceries from and in this morning's delivery they gave us a cute Amazon truck cookie cutter lol. How nice. I'll let you know if the new recipes were any good. Of all those pictured we've only made one before (the calzones). I'm excited!

Now time to go finish wrapping presents, make 24 cookie mix jars for Matt's Mom, watch Elf or The Family Stone again and read more of The Hobbit (which I started on Saturday and love!). 

Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. Omg every single one of these looks delicious. Save me some taco cornbread casserole!!!