Saturday, October 22, 2011

{18 Days Until...}

...our 3-night getaway to Seabrook, Washington! 

We have been wanting to visit this adorable beach cottage town since we moved here in 2009. We were supposed to be using the weekend of November 10-13 for a trip to Vancouver,'s taking longer than planned for me to get my social security card back with my name change so I can get my enhanced license. Oh well! Seabrook is just our type of place!
Beach Cottages...Pet Friendly Cottage so yes, Cogsworth will be joining us {first family vacation, awesome! We're pumped}...Pottery Painting where we plan to make Cogsy some awesome doggy bowls that he totally deserves because he just uses ours lol...Bike Rentals {if it doesn't rain the whole time}...Campfire Pit with our Cottage...the OCEAN...and just peacefullness...yes, "peacefullness" is a word in my vocab. We're so so soooo excited. We've been crazy stressed out these last two weeks and I was beginning to feel like something was really wrong with me because I was feeling so down. Nope, just stress. Now that I know we have this to look forward to I feel a huge excitement and don't feel so down. Like my aunt said to me the other day on the phone, "It must be hard for you to have the wedding behind you now! That was a huge exciting time and then it just suddenly ended." Yes...Auntie Debi, you are exactly right. This is helpful though!

So yeah, 18 more days!

I do have a couple other fun things to write about : ) 

I finally changed our chalkboard last night from the one I did for our party. Here it is now, one of our favorite Walt Disney quotes. I love it. I will be drilling this into our future children's brains one day, just like my parents did to me. Although there are cons in thinking this way...{feeling depressed when things don't work like you think they will or want them too}, overall it's gotten me exactly where I am in life today! {thanks Mom & Dad!} and Walt! ; )

After Matt sat me down the other night because he was worried about how I was feeling, we also nannying for me. I have enough to worry about owning a dance studio. Yes, my schedule leaves me a lot of time open in the day. BUT...that time is supposed to be used for keeping organized and lately I have been getting more and more behind to the point where I cried the other day {I'll have everyone know that, although this may be rediculously surprising for most of you reading this, this was the first time I've cried in a while since our wedding! whoa. that's almost 2 months. A record probably.} The nanny money was fun to have every weekend, and the kids are cute, but it wasn't worth the stress I was feeling. So, once again, I am the owner/instructor of Emerald City Dance and just that. Feels Good.

In about 30 minutes, Matt and I are leaving for Haley's birthday party! I'm excited about her birthday present. We bought a frame and this awesome photo will be making it's home there... {requested from Oona, no we have not received our photos yet...after almost 2 months. I'm getting antsy about it}.

I love this picture of Haley and I though! 

K, well I have to go now so we can eat dinner and I can wrap her present : ) Hope you're all having a great weekend!


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