Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Recap

We had a really nice week. I can't believe I barely took any pictures. Wednesday we both had terribly busy/stressful days. Wednesdays are my hard day {teach 2-3's, nanny, teach 4-6's--poms--boys hip hop} and Matt had craziness at work, and I mean up until 3am the night before and awake at 6am kind of craziness...yuck! We did get to end our day with our weekly Trivia Night at Zeek's with Chris & Katie. We love spending time with them and have so much fun at Trivia {our team, the Radar Runners, stink } but it's not about that : )  
Thursday was a lot less stressful for both of us. Matt had a normal day and I just coached at night. Following coaching I had my first team parent meeting {it was a milestone in my book}. It was a huge success. Thank goodness I have non "Dance Moms" moms...well, so far ; ) They did get me with a few on the spot questions that I felt my face flush as I struggled for a good answer, but I pulled through and they are all very happy mom's...and dad's! I have my future National Champions here. Everyday, even my 5 and 6 year olds are blowing me away...{flat splits, turns, leg holds [holding their leg to their nose], etc.} Whoa!
Friday night we went and visited Haliam and the kids! We ordered Zeek's {can't ever have enough Zeek's lol} and just had a nice night hanging out with them. I got to put Maclin to bed with Haley and being able to give him good night hugs and kisses was the best! *sigh* I miss them. SuzyLou was running all over the place in her new twinkle toes light up was hilarious. And Miss Charlie was as adorable as ever...{she's really getting tall}. It was perfect.

But seriously...where has the time gone? Look how little they were almost 3 years ago when I met them! {makes me sad} {but the happiest person ever when we come over and am greeted with them clinging to my legs! Best. thing. ever!}

Baby Mac {15 Mo.} Lunch Time!

Miss Charlotte {Age 3} Alki Beach


Yesterday was a football day for Matt and I taught until 1pm. Last night we went to Red Robin for dinner and splurged and got beers :) then walked over to see Moneyball! Best movie I've seen in a long time, I definitely recommend it. 

Today is awesome. Woke up at 10:30. Matt made eggs and toast and I made myself pumpkin pancakes and tripled the batter so I have some for the whole week...score. Now I'm just reading blogs and having a cup of coffee. 

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

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