Sunday, October 30, 2011

{Twelve by 2012}

Our Twelve by 2012!

This totally makes sense. I am in love with this idea and plan on accomplishing all of these things. 

1. Revamp our office, because it is no longer "my" office. Now that Matt works from home, we need a better workspace. My pastel purple girly room isn't cutting it (sad). We're thinking Sunriver feel. Browns and natural woods. I found this amazing stencil set on Etsy and we want it. 

2. Cut down our Christmas tree together. We are both really, really excited about this!
Wish us luck...

3. Get Matt signed up Full-time for school again.

4. Get me signed up for school. {It's about time.} Still waiting to hear if I can got student loans. Waiting for that letter to come in the mailbox everyday! {nervous...}

5. Finish our Thank You cards....I'm really terrible with this. I am missing so many addresses from our far extended family and my mom isn't helping {mom, please be reading this lol}

6. Make a trip back home to WI somewhere around Christmas. {This will be a Chelsea solo trip sadly}

7. Make an Angel Food cake for Matt : ) with strawberries on top, of course.

8. Use our gym membership. We never go. 

9. Kinect with my family more. We bought it for them for Christmas and have probably Kinected with them maybe 5 x's. It's always so awesome too.

10. Finish all my tax to-do's before January 1st {I'm actually almost done already, it feels awesome!}

11. Finish our wedding scrapbook {we just heard we won't be getting our photos for another month...we've been married for two, this is getting redic.}

12. Get my enhanced drivers license and make a trip to Vancouver, B.C!


  1. such an amazing list!! your blog is really cute and i love your infatuation with disney. it's such a romantic place, no?!

    xoxo from china

  2. #8 is one I need to do. I was going several times a week for over a month and a half. Then one day of not going turned into three weeks AHHH! Monday is my "I've gotta go back" day.

  3. Monday is our "Gotta go back day" too!! :)

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    Thanks, Mellissa