Sunday, October 16, 2011

{Our First Annual Pumpkin Carving Fall Feast Family Fun Day}

Yesterday was wonderful. We had our first annual Pumpkin Carving Fall Feast Family Fun Day and it was  perfect. Matt and I had such a wonderful time with our family. {The Lanese Half}. Our day was full of everyone catching up, laughing, playing games, eating yummy food, being entertained by the kiddos and of course, carving pumpkins.

I was so excited that it was our first time having the whole family over and it not being for a birthday. I was really pleased with how all of the recipes that I tried from Pinterest turned out {blog on those to come later}. I definitely loved hosting and was just really happy to have them all over {especially knowing I was now officially part of the family} (I know, Mel, but it feels cool being official official now) :) Cogsy also made us so happy because he was so well behaved. He played with Clare and didn't jump on the babies {a lot}. It was great!! 

I am already looking forward to next years party! 
I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Here are just the ones from my camera, I'll post more from Megan's camera later. 

{Exactly why I wanted a chalkboard, for fun things like this}

{I was super excited to decorate and get to use my Antropologie table cloth, thank you Haley}

{I loved the color of these flowers! Perfect for Fall}

{Snow White made an appearance at our party. She's adorable!}

{"Auntie Chelsea, this party rocks! Yeah!"}

 {Being an auntie is the best.}

{Snow White, Nana & baby Caitlin}

{Lady Bug Girl even came to our party! Cutest little bug ever. The tights...*love them!*}

 {"Um, Auntie Chelsea, can I get some help here?..."}

 {Auntie Chelsea and the little bug}

{My incredibly handsome husband doing his "Chelsea Pose" lol. Poor guy had to run to the store twice because I was apparently can't multi-tast while cooking.}

{The Lanese Family. -minus Megan who took this photo, the babies and Cogsy-}

{Cogsy enjoying some quality time with Papa. --I warned you this would be blogged lol-}

{Some of my big sibs playing a nerd game ;) }

{Megan was loving Clare's outfit, we all did :). She has on a cupcake sweater, a tutu I just gave here, bow in her hair and sparkly shoes}

 {The only picture I have of the little dude from the whole day. I was so sad after they left realizing I didn't hold him the whole day made me sad. We'll just have to plan a visit!}

{The Lanese's}

 {me and my amazing hubby}

We loved everything about yesterday. We loved how everyone stayed so late and that everyone was just chill and enjoying the day and our time together. It was perfect. I can't wait for another day like that : ) 


  1. so adorable!!! i love all the pictures :)

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  2. Love all of these pictures. You and your husband are too cute. I really want a chalkboard now! :)

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