Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It All Started With A Mouse...

I was so excited when some of our guests told us that during our ceremony, Mickey Mouse was in the sky. How perfect? 

We love the quote, "It all started with a mouse" - Walt Disney. 
It did.
Without Walt Disney World, Matt and I may have never met. Add in a few more factors that brought us both there and our roommates who brought us together, but in the end...it's all because of the mouse. 

How perfect that Mickey was with us on our day ; ) 

I mean really...how cool is that?! 

{thank you for the photos, Autumn!}
I love not only that it was there, but that our guests caught it and knew how special it would be to us : )

I am still dying to see our wedding photos from our photographer. Our sneak preview of the 6 we have is definitely not enough. I'll be even more excited to watch our video!! We'll have to have a move party...{any excuse to get to host!}

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