Monday, October 24, 2011

Sick Day.

*Note to self: Do not take Dayquil right before going to teach your 2-3 year olds and 3-5 year olds.
{end result-- a very lightheaded and dizzy dance teacher who felt like every child was talking at once}
Thankfully the kids were semi-sweet about it and kept reminding each other to be quiet and listen 
"Shhhh! Miss Chelsea is SICK!"
It was pretty cute.
*Another note to self: Find a sub that is not in high school who can teach morning classes on days when I feel like I do today. 
I never get sick. That's what I told Matt last week when he was sick...jinxed myself! 

Upside to being sick -- Matt just made me tomato soup with toast and tea! Also I am going to lay on the couch all day until my next 3-5 year olds class at 4:30. I am so excited because I just discovered that I can rent books from the library for my Kindle! I had Water for Elephants on hold and I just got an email that it has arrived. All I had to do was click "Check Out" and it went straight to the Amazon Kindle website with my account already logged in and sent the book straight to my Kindle. Crazy. And free. I can't believe how awesome that is! 

In other news, Cogsy has learned how to turn the Xbox on and off with his nose. He must think it's funny because he hasn't stopped doing it all day and it's making Matt so mad. {hehe I think it's hilarious}.

Time to go read! Have a good day everyone and stay healthy, this nasty cold is going around and it's no fun at all...


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