Friday, October 28, 2011

Who'da Thunk?!

It amazes me still that we own a dance studio 
(I say we because now that we're married everything is 50/50 lol, lucky Matt.)
Although I technically am the owner of Emerald City Dance, without Matt's love, support, advice and encouragement, it would be no where near where it is today. 

I can't believe that in just a little over a year, we are now 4 teachers strong! Yes, 4. I have just added our newest addition to our our team of teachers, Miss Caroline. With her being on the team I now get to teach a Musical Theater class this coming Winter Quarter and we have added a Cheer class on Saturdays! She has an incredibly strong ballet background like Miss Autumn so between the two of them, I see some Ballet II and Ballet III classes in our future. I am so happy and feel so blessed that I've met so many incredible families on this journey. I love that I can walk into Target and be sure to see a happy little girl being excited to say "HI Miss Chelsea!" There is nothing better. 

Now that I've also been coaching our Emerald City Xtreme Dance Team as well, the girls have had the opportunity to take dance to the next level and we have some extremely talented kids here. I am so excited to see what the future will hold for them. They've accomplished so much in just the 2 months that we have had our team, I can only imagine what 2 years will do. 

I can't post any photos of the dancers here on the blog, but here is a link to our website

This Fall Quarter we have 155 dancers. Last Fall Quarter, which was our first, we had 93. It's growing so much! It makes me so happy. 

I feel so lucky that I have Matt who is so incredibly supportive of all the dance craziness. Tutu's that take over our apartment, moving the living room furniture so I can choreograph, staying up until 2am with me while I am on a creative roll, videotaping the recitals and camp performances, and even walking in the parade with us...he is the best Dance Husband ever! He really lets me go for my dreams, which is exactly what I've always wanted in a husband. 
{He also keeps me level headed when I come up with crazy ideas}

If we have grown by 62 dancers in just one year...I wonder what next year will bring? 
For now though, time to go and order more tutu's... ; )


  1. It's so awesome that you have your own studio! I danced for 14 years and miss it terribly. Can't wait to read more about it in the future!

  2. Ooo that's awesome, Emily! I can't imagine doing anything else right now. I had 2 years in between Disney and the studio where I wasn't dancing and I just wasn't myself. I hope you get to dance again soon!! : )