Tuesday, June 19, 2012

America's Favorite!

Saturday was so much fun!
We went to a Giant's vs. Mariner's game with Matt's parents, siblings and niece. Clare was such a cutie pants the whole time and she was cracking me up the whole game. I should have wrote about this while it was still fresh in my mind because it was really so much fun! I even wore Giant's colors too :) 

Someone's excited! :)

Sisters :)

If you try really hard you can tell this is me, Matt & Mel ; )

Bah haha! Every time I see this I start laughing again!

Wait, I'm confused...are we in Seattle or San Francisco? 

Clare Bear :)

Ha. I love this picture.

Clare learned how to crack the peanuts and had them all over me. She almost ate the whole bag! Anytime Matt would try to take one she would get so mad lol.

Good job, Clare.

Cuddle time with Nana :)

Miller!! True Wisconsin girl ; )

Beautiful Seattle skyline. 

YUm!! Garlic fries. We each got our own...I shared mine...

...Matt downed his. I'm not sure if he was even breathing while he was eating lol. We smelled great when we got home.......

More snacks with Papa. Clare ate more food than any of us.

Chris & Katie were at the game too so we went down to say hi. Avery saw us and got so excited and was kicking her legs and smiling like crazy. :)

It was a super fun day :) I love going to baseball games. I'd love to get season tickets one day :)

I would have posted this earlier but we started moving into the studio yesterday and camps start tomorrow. ... yikes!


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