Thursday, June 7, 2012

All Work & No Play

I haven't blogged in a week. All I would have to write about really is work stuff.
I've been one busy girl. 
We have 20 little dancers registered at our studio now to start in September which is so exciting. 
I am now "off" until the 20th. But...not really at all actually. We move into the studio in a week and a half so I've been going crazy getting everything ready and answering 50 million questions. I'm doing my best to delegate so that I'm not always doing it all alone. I have been reminded by about 30 parents this week that, "You can't do it all, Chelsea." I'm working on that...

Anyways...I've been working and Matt's been prepping for his finals next week. He sits at the kitchen table almost every night with his math book open. I'm proud of him :) I am sooo bad at math and he's rockin' it. 

We've had fun hanging out with Miss Avery. She is getting so big, it's sad :( I realized today that her next month is #6! Whoa. I know this summer is going to fly by too. I'm going to miss hanging out with her during the day on the days she's here and I'm at summer camp. At least I get to see Katie sometimes during the day. Matt's going to get all the fun while she starts crawling and doing new cute things. That's okay though, she loves him :) 

We've done a good job drilling Disney into this child lol...I was putting laundry away the other day and had her on our bed. Matt picked her up and we found this under her cute little cheek. Really Avery?! Good job!!! We text this picture to Katie and she said, "Ok...time to start saving for Disneyland!" Yay! We're going to go with them for Avery's first time. We can't wait for that vacation with them :)

Cogsy is such a cuddly dog. This was him on my lap the other night. He is sleeping on Matt's lap right now while I'm writing this.

Last weekend we got to go see where Mel & Clint are going to be living after their wedding. It was so awesome to see their house with walls up now. It's going up so fast! This picture is from their backyard (the woods). I can't wait to see it all done. :)

We walked around Gig Harbor with Matt's parents and Mel afterwards. It's a cute town :)

This was today. Cogsy was actually going crazy licking her so I turned him around and that's why he looks annoyed/sad. Avery has become so interested in him. Today he was licking her hand and she would put it out for him and then take it back with a big smile then do it again and then have a huge smile. She knew what she was doing and it was cute. He's so great with her. No worries there, I'd be so sad if he wasn't good with kids. 

Sorry that my blogs aren't that interesting lately. We've been doing lots of working, studying and chillin' lately. Nothing really with pictures...sorry. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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