Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for some amazing people in our lives.

Tonight Chris came to the studio after work and removed a pole in the middle of the studio and fixed a whole wall of electrical outlets so we can put up our mirrors according to code. He did this after work! Seriously...such a good friend! Now the girls can dance freely in the studio without worrying about dancing into a pole. It has been prohibiting us from using all of our space. I am just so thankful that he took time out of his night to come and do that for us. 

My dance families have also been crazy amazing throughout this transition. We have a 2,000 sq ft + outdoor area that used to be a playground. The preschool took their playground with them and also took the pads. That left us with concrete with lots of bolts sticking out of the ground. One of our moms spent the last two nights of practice sitting out there with work goggles on and used a grinder to grind down all of the bolts so it is a safe place for children to walk around. I am so thankful that she took the time to do that.

We have had many parents donate to the studio as well. We now have a 50" flat screen, a leather ottoman, a 6' table, toys for the kids and a basket for shoes so no one comes in with street shoes. (our floors are hard to clean). 

We have two moms that are donating their time to do office work and to clean the studio every week. We also have had so many parents volunteer to be on the non-profit board for the team. I had to cut it down because there were too many. What a great problem to have.

And to make this post easy on the eyes...look at my hottie husband. I love this picture of him :) Me...not so much. We were chillin at camp while the kids were eating lunch. I just like this picture of Matt a lot.

Dear Avery,
Please stop growing. I can't even handle your cuteness! 6 months old already?! Please stop.
Thanks, Auntie Chelsea
(Zeeks with Chris & Katie last night...and Avery...followed by some Ben & Jerry's...yum!)

Future Hip Hopper!

Good cuddles :) 
..... why is the girl in the background evil glaring at us? Jealous that we're so good at trivia ; )

I feel so blessed with our friends, family and our extended dance family. 
I'm exhausted this week, but definitely have tons to be grateful for and thankful for. 


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