Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Dance Studio:: Move-In Week #1

I can't believe it.
I wish I had more time to sit back and have a moment to appreciate what is happening right now and soak it all in. 
On Monday we got the keys and began to move into our studio!

I was so excited to have the keys and get in there. We opened the door and most of the preschool was still in there. I was disappointed, but it was fun to watch them move out. With every piece of furniture they took became mine that much more. This just isn't real. Man....

My team girls had practice in there on Monday night (both teams).
They didn't have much space, but they didn't mind :)

All of that playground equipment is now gone. We have that complete outside area as well as our studio space!

I have already been spending so much time there. On Monday I didn't leave until 9:30. I would have stayed longer, but I started missing Matt :) 

Tonight I came in and the space was completely empty! The only things left are one desk (they'll be taking next week) and our cubicle walls that they are letting us keep. There is also a pole in the middle of the room that we need to have removed asap. It's just covering some useless wires right now that were used for an aquarium they had. We don't need or want it there so we'll need some help getting rid of that. One of my kids already thought it would be fun to stick their finger in a hole in the pole today. AH! Thank God she didn't get shocked but I freaked out. (We are insured...but still!)

This week was the beginning of a big adventure. I cannot wait to be done with this summer so I can become crazy super organized. Everything will feel better when all of our camps are over. I had two camps this week. They are done after tomorrow, then I only have 9 weeks of dance camps left. Countdown to our Disney Cruise :) 

This weekend Matt and I will be scrubbing the floors and bringing all of our things (a desk, computer and some trophies) over to the studio and get organized. I set up our cable/internet/phone and that will be put in this coming week. I have the company who will be doing our mirrors and those will be in the studio the first or second week of July. We are having 9 4x8 ft mirrors put in :) 36 feet of wall will be covered in mirrors!!! I can't wait to go there and dance all the time!

I'm thankful for some incredible dance families who have been more than helpful and ready to jump in when I need help :) One of my moms came in on Tuesday with a mop, a trash can and garbage warming present :) Hehe. I was actually CRAZY excited to buy hand soap and toilet paper for the studio yesterday lol. Today I told the girls, "Okay, you decide where you want the toilet paper so you can help make sure theres always some in our bathrooms" They are loving helping too! Tonight I thought I was being funny by threatening to make them scrub the floors and they all said, "YEAH!! Can we!!!???!!!" was a tempting offer to pass up ; ) 

I'll have more pictures up soon!


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  1. Congrats on your new studio! This is such a big and exciting thing!