Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Studio Progress: Day 1 (The Signs)

I got an email from my Mother-in-Law this morning saying that on her way to work she saw that they were taking the preschool signs down. I was excited but panicked all at the same time. I asked them not to do it until Monday because the preschool is still there! I immediately called the company and he immediately knew why I was calling and before I said anything said, "I talked to the preschool and they told us to go ahead today." :) Yay! One week early. One more week of sign advertising. We now have 3 signs at our studio. Two on the building and one out by the road :) They're perfect!

When I pulled up I almost cried. Then I took all these pictures. Then, because I knew Matt was at home taking a test and I had to show someone/tell someone, I ran (physically) over to my in-laws while on the phone with my Dad. When I got there Lance said he already saw it : ) Matt didn't tell me lol. So...I just ran back and stared some more. A man asked me, "Are you a real estate agent or something?" "Nope...I am the owner." :) So awesome!!! 

Our new logo that I purchased on Etsy! :) I love Etsy :)

Oh happy day!! 
Now I can't wait to have some dancers and my Mac in there :) Just 6 more days!!!


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