Monday, June 11, 2012


When you think of family, what comes to mind?
Your parents and siblings? Your husband and children? Close friends?
I am really thankful for my family. Thankful that my "family" is now huge. It has doubled. More than doubled. I have always had a large immediate family, but now that number isn't 7's 17! 
I have the best in-law family out there. Sorry bloggy friend readers if you think yours is the best....your wrong! ; )

This weekend was great.
We spent Saturday morning with our friend family...Chris, Katie & Avery. We hung out at our local farmers market, ran some errands and then hung out at their house making donuts and playing Wii Dodgeball. Matt & Chris even whipped out the old school Nintendo for a while :) 

Saturday evening we went over and hung out with Matt's Dad & Mel while Matt's Mom was at a Mariners Game :) We just talked and watched TV. Even though that's all we were doing, I had a blast with them.

Sunday, we went over for breakfast like we do every Sunday and ended up staying until after 9pm :) 
We got home and realized the tv had barely been on the whole day. We were all just talking. Matt and I went with Mel to see her try on her wedding dress too! (beautiful). 

I loved this weekend and would have 100 more like it all in a row if I could. 
I miss my family a ton, but am so glad that I have the rest of my family close. I'm glad our children will get to have two sets of grandparents that they'll be close with. Maybe not physically, but they will both love them to pieces near or far :) I'm really thankful for that. 

I know you are reading this, Dad L. and Mel :) Thanks for such a fun weekend!!  

Now I'm off to Panera to do a final round interview with a new teacher we're hiring :)
 I love me some Panera! 


PS. I do not have any photos from this fun weekend because we really did just talk and have some awesome deep conversations, but I still wanted to remember it. 

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