Friday, June 8, 2012

Moon Rocks & Disneyland

We had a spontaneous day.
While we were getting ready for Katie to bring Avery over this morning, Matt got an email from his brother Chris saying he was taking Clare to the Museum of Flight, Rainforest Cafe & the Disney Store today and asked if we would like to join.

I was so excited. I have never been to the Museum of Flight and I missed Clare :) 
Avery was so good all day and only cried a bit before she fell asleep at Rainforest Cafe.
(over stimulation lol)

Clare says the cutest things and I love, love, love being her Auntie :) Now we need to plan a trip to go see them so we can see Caitlin & Quenton too. I also miss Megan!
Today when we were leaving Clare said, "I love you SO much! I promise you I will come by your house SOON!" She's getting to be such a big girl. I loved it when she said that. Made my day :) I always give her squeeze hugs and tell her I love her but never ask her to say it back. So now that she says it to me on her own it's awesome :) I am so excited for Caitlin & Quenton to start talking too. I want to visit them soon. I love having nieces and a nephew. It's so much fun spending time with them. 

Ha!! I told Matt he should make this his profile picture. I just can't stop laughing looking at it. 

Clare told us all about her trip to Disneyland and says her favorite part is "the stretching room" (Haunted Mansion). Hehe, I can't wait until we have a house full of Disney kids one day too. She loved looking at all the fish :)

We had a really fun day with Chris & Clare. 

Matt just told me we're going on another hike this weekend. I'm looking forward to that! 

Side Note: I'm super proud of Matt. He's lost 17 lbs and has been working really hard. He says he's not happy yet because he hasn't noticed any difference. I can tell and I'm proud of him :) 

We have weird yucky weather right now. I wish it would feel like summer. Summer camp starts in 12 days and it doesn't feel like it's time for that at all yet! I'm having a hard time mentally preparing for this summer. 

Have a good weekend everyone!!

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  1. That is way too adorable you guys met at Disneyworld!! My absolute lifelong dream was to be Belle at Disneyland because I was always told I looked like her growing up, lol! So cool!! :)