Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's a Miracle. (Auntie Lori Update)

I just wanted to write an update to this post about my friends mom, "Auntie" Lori, who was in a motorcycle accident with her husband a few weeks ago and was in a coma. I woke up this morning with her on my mind. I think about them a lot. I definitely am a believer of miracles after this. I admit, I have a hard time fully believing in God sometimes. Okay, a lot of times. It makes me sad. I wish I could be the 10 year old Chelsea on this one. The one who fully believed her mom and dad 100% that when she dies there will be a green swing set for her in Heaven and an orange one for Cody. Now as an adult I obviously think way deeper about it. I have my moments where I believe, but a lot of me still questions everything too much.

When this happened to Lori, I prayed. 
I prayed that she would wake up from this. That she could see Sam walk down the aisle with Mark.
(Her fiance proposed in the hospital room and Lori's heart rate went up because she was excited).

Things started happening with her that were just glimpses of what was to come.
My dad went to visit and sat there talking to her. The nurses had to come in and ask him to leave so she could rest because her heart rate was going up too much. She could hear him. She could hear everyone. 

Sam's 4 year old daughter, Reagan, was talking to her (her Grandma) and she opened one eye...
The next day, her son, Sean (Sam's oldest brother), was in the room with her reading to her and...she opened two eyes!

The next day...she was sitting up and able to respond to commands such as "hold out your index finger", "wiggle your toes", etc. She would move her eyes to see you my mom said. She was waking up from her coma!! The most touching part that made me cry so so much was that my mom said how happy my "Uncle" Jim was because she could pucker her lips to kiss him. This is really a miracle!

That was 2 weeks ago.

My dad went there yesterday and stayed for almost 3 hours.
She can nod at things you say and remembers everything! My dad said "She's almost Lori again".

The amazing part is that the doctors said there is no chance she will ever make it out of the hospital...and...she is going to get to home in a couple months!

It really is a miracle. And believing got a whole lot easier.
Another small example.
Things were tight last week. A lot of tuition payments that I've been waiting for just weren't coming in. I prayed again all week for things to please start feeling better; less stressful.
Yesterday I went to the po box and half of what I was waiting for was sitting there waiting for me to take to the bank *sigh*. I thanked God. 
A similar, but way more amazing, story happened to my Dad yesterday with his mom. That is his story to tell, but it was another sign from God saying, "Chelsea...hello! I really am up here!"

I got an email from our church asking for renewal of our membership because we haven't gone in a long time. I held off on answering because I didn't know what to do. I think I know now...


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