Thursday, March 14, 2013

18 Weeks


How Far Along?  18 weeks!

How Big is Baby?  Our little sweet potato

Total Weight Gain:  ?? don't know

Maternity Clothes?  Everyday. Dance pants are fitting really tight now. Pretty uncomfortable. I can still sneak into my regular shirts.

Stretch Marks? Nope :) I'm feeling too lucky because I probably put lotion on like 1 or 2 x's/week. I need to get better about now as my tummy is now poppin'

Sleep: So much better. I sleep through the night almost always now. Just wake up once to pee :)

Best Moment this Week: My new favorite thing to do is to lounge on the couch or in the nursery at night and sing to our sweet baby. I have a playlist of songs on my phone that I have always dreamt of signing to our baby and it's fun that it's real now. A few are gender specific so I won't share, but a few of my other favorites to sing to her/him are "Edelweiss", "So Long, Farewell" (this will be our get ready for bedtime song to sing with Daddy each night), "Part of Your World" (my favorite Disney song), "Go the Distance" (Matt's favorite Disney song), and "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins. I'll write more about this later because this time at night has turned into something I really cherish. I know he/she can hear me so it's really a bonding time for us. We have one song that Matt and I sing to Bean together almost every night, but I can't share that one quite yet ; ) It's the same song we are going to sing to Little Bean the second we get to hold her/him. I cannot wait for that moment. Baby will be like, "Hey! I know you guys!" :)

Miss Anything: Nada.

Movement: Sadly, no not really. I have felt the bubbles again this week but just for a moment. Last night Matt and I thought we could feel Bean moving on the outside (like a rolling) but I don't know because I couldn't feel anything from inside. I'm beginning to think this baby is calm like Matt (thank goodness!)...we'll see.

Food Cravings: sweets are always good.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Matt had Axe on the other day and it gave me the worst headache. I was so mad at him (I threw it away). Problem solved :) 

Gender: not announcing quite yet...but the more and more time goes by, I believe it more and more. 

Symptoms: Dancing has been difficult. After each class my tummy is in pain. Almost cramp-like pain. I've been doing my best to "take it easy" as much as is possible being a dance teacher.

Looking Forward to: Our 20 week appt. is on the 26th and our anatomy scan is on April 1st. Non pregnancy related, I'm looking forward to convention this weekend as my all-time favorite dancer, Twitch, is teaching. I'm going to just follow him around to all the classes all weekend ; ) 


  1. I think it's lovely that you both sing to the baby.
    James (my four year old) is always talking to my bump and singing nursery rhymes to it!

    I cannot wait for us both to have our babies in our arms!

    Hope you have a great weekend x

  2. Hehe, that's so cute that your son sings to your bump!

    Last night we were singing and Matt said he thought maybe he was scaring the baby lol. I think it's good that we both sing even if he isn't Frank Sinatra ; )

    Hope you're okay after your stairs scare!! I was telling Matt about that. I hope you're alright!