Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lovin' on a Wednesday

Ok everyone. Let me start by saying this. 
Having not checked my Facebook/Pinterest now in a full 2-days is so liberating.
I feel free. Facebook has so much complaining that I never realized until it was gone. My life already feels more positive.

Anyways, this morning, I want to write about everything I'm loving lately (keep the positive vibe going strong.)

#1. I love that it's Wednesday because my two hard days of teaching are now a full week away again. Wednesdays I just teach one easy-peasy 45 minute class to a group of 4-6 year olds that I've had since they were 2 & 3. Love them. I get excited for Wednesdays. They are currently working on splits, and getting ready to turn "like the big girls"...!

#2. Sadly, probably what I'm loving most right now in this exact pregnancy pillow arrived and...I slept from 10:30pm - 7:20am! Yahoo! Matt also slept well and I credit this to him also liking the pillow. I woke up just once for a second at 2:30am and he was using it too, lol. It's crazy huge and is like sleeping snuggled up to a cloud, no joke. Cogsy tried to claim it yesterday and I put a stop on that one real quick. This is my life saver right now. It also kept me on my side like I'm supposed to be! (Side Note* I did teach 6 dance classes yesterday...that may have had something to do with my great sleep. We'll see how tonight goes.)

#3. Our crib arrived yesterday :) We haven't put it together yet and won't be until I've finished making baby's rug, but it's crazy to see it it all unpacked leaning agains the wall waiting to be built. Exciting stuff. 

#4. Purple Laffy Taffy, bagels with cream cheese & the most amazing 5 Guys bacon cheeseburger I had for dinner last night. Could have ate 7. Right now at 8am, my mouth may or may not be watering wanting one for breakfast, lol. 

#5. The weather. I can feel spring trying to peek out and I'm loving it! A lot of my maternity clothes that were given to me are capris, skirts, shorts or jeans that fit but are just an inch or two short and need to be rolled up ready for summer. Getting dressed in the morning will be easier when it's about 5 degrees warmer :) 

#6. Matt spent the day over in Seattle with Maclin yesterday. Just the two of them. Matt took him to the zoo, Starbucks for some treats and then to Fred Meyer so Mac could show Matt what he wants for his birthday that's coming up. He's going to be 5?! I started watching him when he was just 11 months old. 4 years really went fast. I just love that we're spending time with them again. I have not seen Charlie in a long time (now goes by Lotte) and Matt saw her yesterday (she's 7 now) and she has requested that her and I have a "playdate". I cannot wait! 
Matt sent me this picture (while I was in the middle of teaching 1 of my 6 classes yesterday and I just about died from jealousy) :) I talked to Mac on the phone while they were out and he said, "Chelsea! I'm have really fun with Matt!" .... I love it. 

And I'll end you with this because if I had a Facebook, I would have made it my status immediately. Instead, I quickly put it down in my phone to remember and blog.

During team practice on Monday with my 6-8 year olds, I had them performing their competition routine in groups of three. After each group performed each girl had to tell the group a good thing they did and something they need to work on. After one of the groups finished and it was time to review them, this is what one of my 7 year olds (2nd grade) threw out there....

"Elaina had so much energy that she was like a word and she bolded herself!!!!!!!" - Marisa T.

I was pretty much on the floor laughing. 
This also happened, around the same time. Islay decided she could fit in my ottoman. She chilled in there the whole time we did groups (15-ish minutes). Again, cracking me up from cuteness overload.

I'll leave you with that on this Wednesday morning. 
I can't wait for the day this little bean starts talking. I have a feeling that with their daddy...they are going to be quite the pair to hang out with! 

It feels so much better having this all on my blog where it belongs instead of Facebook. These are all things I want to remember and yeah, I know people are reading, but that's not why I post on here. I do it so one day I can read them all and have a good laugh :) I love it. 

Great day already!

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