Thursday, March 21, 2013

19 Weeks

How Far Along?  19 Weeks. Almost halfway! 

How Big is Baby?  Mango. Which is awesome because I've been drinking Jamba Juice Mango A Go Go's almost everyday. I am actually drinking one right now!

Total Weight Gain:  Don't know, don't want to know. I feel healthy.

Maternity Clothes? Everyday pants and about half and half shirts. My baby tees are all too tight on me now though. I wore a lot of hoodies this week. Last night my bump showed through my hoodie and through my jacket.

Stretch Marks? None. I use a cocoa butter bar after exfoliating in the shower every morning and use cocoa butter oil at night. 

Sleep: Great every night except for Tuesday night. I was up from 1-3am worrying about who is going to watch our baby and me having to work in the Fall. I'm still working on getting over the fact that I don't get to be a full-time Stay at Home Mom. The bigger my belly gets, the more attached I get. It's going to be hard for me to leave our Little Bean. 

Best Moment this Week: Matt feeling Little Bean move last night! We were sitting on the couch. It was like 7:00pm and I was just leaning back because I could feel LB kicking. I said, "I just wish that you could feel it!" Then in that exact moment - boom! I felt the kick hard as ever on my hand--the first time I'd felt a kick from outside. Like LB was saying, "Oh, that's all you want, okay I can do that." Then Matt put his hand on my belly super fast and LB did it again twice, except those times Matt felt it! He was so happy. I can't wait to feel that again. We went out and had ice cream to celebrate (and also because I wanted Cold Stone all day and now I had a reason, kind of). When we got in the car I felt more kicks than ever before. Usually I feel just a little flick-flick at a time, but this was like 10 in a row, a dance party in my tummy, lol. So Matt and I decided we should probably dance in the car (people stared, it was okay). It was so much fun. 

Miss Anything: Sometimes I wish I could have a glass of wine or eat a whole thing of goat cheese. Not enough to say I "miss" it though. 

Movement: Lots of little flicks and now kicks I can feel inside my tummy. It's my new favorite thing! 

Food Cravings: Sweet & Sour. I downed two glasses of Strawberry Lemonade at dinner on Sunday.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No.

Gender:  We will be revealing on April Fool's Day when we find out!

Symptoms: Round Ligament Pain still. Dancing is awful. Lesson planning has gotten to be quite the task. Trying to find ways to dance around still with the kids but without me ever having to actually move. Tricky tricky...

Looking Forward to: Our two appointments coming up. 5 days until our 20-week check up. I'm looking forward to hearing Little Bean's heart again. Our Anatomy Scan is then on April 1st.

**Side Note: Matt and I have been watching basketball all day long. I'm beating him so far, I love making brackets :) I just like watching the last like 10 min. of each game though. Fun to do together.**

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  1. That's awesome that you can now feel the kicks from outside. It's an amazing feeling!

    I cannot wait to find out if you're having a girl or boy. We found out today that we're having a little girl :) x