Tuesday, March 26, 2013

20 Week Appointment

I am 19 weeks and 5 days today. We met with our midwife for our 20-week appointment this morning. Little Bean is still doing well. We did not have an ultrasound because our anatomy scan is now moved to Friday (I called and had it switched so we can tell our families for Easter). 

LB's heartbeat was still between 140 & 150. Lori was having a hard time getting the baby to stay still for long enough to get the heart rate for sure. Bean was moving around the whole time and I could feel it so again I had to try to keep from laughing. We got measured for the first time and measured 19 cm which means baby is measuring the size it should be at 19 weeks. So normal to small size right now. A lot could change in the next 20 weeks though. It has been confirmed that I will not be having a 10 lb. baby which was one of my back of the mind fears because Matt was such a big baby. Probably closer to what I was when I was born, 6 lbs 2 oz. :) 

We got a lot of questions answered which felt good because I had been writing them all down since our last appointment a month ago. My round ligament pain is normal for someone as active as I am and I just have to keep doing my best to not do too much. When it starts to hurt, I need to stop. I've been getting better about it but it's hard when most of the kids I teach are under the age of 5. Found out that I can ride a bike when we go to Sunriver in May, just have to be careful to not fall so getting a tricycle would be best. Matt's going to try to reserve one for me. I got the phone number to call at night if I am in pain again. Last time I didn't call because I didn't know the number. I feel better knowing I can call anytime and Lori will get paged and answer me if I really need it. Found out specifics of what will happen with Lori once I'm in labor. I was curious about how much of it she would be with me for. 

So...if I go into labor at night or on a weekend, she will be with me from the time I call the hospital to say we're coming in. So, when I'm around 2-3 cm. If I go into labor during the morning or day while she's on call doing appointments, she will continue doing appointments until I am 5 cm. Once I am 5 cm, no matter what, she will be with me the rest of the time and cancel the rest of her appointments for the day if she has any. So that was reassuring because I had started to look up whether or not I would get a doula as well. Definitely not going to need one. Lori will be such an amazing help throughout my labor and delivery that I won't need a doula. That saves $1,000.00 :) 

She had me schedule my 24 week appointment with the other midwife that is also on call at our hospital. The one that I wasn't so happy with during the phone call a while back when I was like 10 weeks. She just wants me to meet her and see in real life my feelings for her. So now I do not have anymore appointments with Lori until I'm 28 weeks and in my 3rd Trimester. Whoa! She did tell me that if I feel better asking her questions instead of the other midwife, that I can call and she will answer all of my questions over the phone before my appointment so it's quicker :) I love her. 

After our appointment we had breakfast (my 2nd breakfast for the day) at 12th Ave. Cafe. We had never been and it was so yummy! 

Also, saw the scale in the 140's for the first time in my life. 142.5 to be exact. Kinda freaked me out but then I was happy when Lori said she was glad I am still gaining weight at a good pace. According to my scale that means I've gained 22.5 lbs already. According to the hospitals scale, I've only gained like 14-15 lbs. Either way, it's so crazy how fast your body changes. (May have something to do with the fact that I did mention above that I had 2 breakfasts today, lol). 

Got an invitation today for my dance team baby shower and it is so stinkin' cute! We're so blessed to have such amazing dance families :) I'm so excited because all the moms and my team kids are invited. It will be fun to have all my girls there. They are all very excited to find out what we're having. Last night they were all counting down how many days until they find out on Monday :) 

Good day!

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