Monday, March 4, 2013

Life WIthout Facebook & Pinterest: Day 1 Results

Day #1- Monday, March 4th
So, it's the end of Day 1 and it was actually quite hard to not go onto either Facebook or Pinterest all day. I have a few things to admit. I am horribly addicted. In the past (as in yesterday even) I may have even checked it at red lights. That's not only dangerous, but sadly makes me realize I really was/am addicted to Facebook. Today, I put my phone in the glove box while driving. It's also helped to have no Facebook or Pinterest app on my phone. I got home from dance tonight and Matt said, "I accidentally went on your Facebook. I was on the computer and accidentally signed on just by habit. You had 11 notifications." Immediately I asked, "What were they??!! I mean..I don't care. Damnit, yes I do!"....."You got a message from Jenna & Renato (my exchange brother from Brazil). Jenna supports your decision and Renato's getting married." So, only because Facebook is my only line of communication with Renato, I opened Facebook, looked at nothing other than that one message, and let him know we can't come to the wedding because I'll be 36 weeks pregnant, but I love him a ton. Then I closed out FAST. I text Jenna back instead of FBing back and never actually read the message myself, Matt read it aloud to me. 
I feel good about myself.
Added to my awesomeness today, I decided to not watch The Bachelor anymore either. We don't want our kids watching things like that, so I'm not going to either. So right now, we have Subsonic playing on our Apple TV. I'm going to take a night shower to relax so I can maybe sleep tonight and then read one of my birthing books, "Mindful Birthing." The whole books about being mindful...being present. Which is exactly what I'm trying to do in general. Pretty helpful.

Anyways. Day 1...No Pinterest (first day in over a year and a half except when we were on the cruise & our honeymoon), No Facebook except for the one exception &...No Bachelor. I even had Matt tell me who wins. No for real...he told me.

I like this new simpler life already. I just hope I can hold to it. I know so many friends who have tried and unfortunately not succeeded. I feel like my goals are not unrealistic because I'm not going to get rid of Facebook...just use it more wisely. Before I can accomplish that I need a major break for at least a week. Probably more like a few months, but I'm taking it one day at a time.

This goes so beyond Facebook & Pinterest. I have lots of other things I'm working on. Many are difficult to fix, especially with my irrational hormones, but I'm getting there. Baby steps.
They are based off of the Corinthians verse (haven't gone to church long enough to know which one)....

Love is Patient.
(Working on being patient with Matt finding a job and doing things in his time and not mine. Working to lovingly encourage instead of pushing him).

Love is Kind.
(Working on being kind in general. To everyone. Even those who aren't kind to me. I'm just going to try to shine with kindness. Basically I'm going to pretend - but not talk like - everyone on this earth is one of my dance kids and how I treat them.) 

And the other one that popped out at church on Sunday big one!
Love does not BOAST or ENVY. 
I'm a bad one-upper. I caught myself doing that today in day to day conversations with people and would stop myself immediately. It made me feel terrible. Not necessarily even one-upping but I do a lot of, "Oh yeah, we did that too and.......!" kind of things. (Noticed myself in our text convo today --which I loved--, Mel...tried to stop it, sorry if it kept happening anyways).

I can't wait to find a good counselor to help me with all this. I want to be the best me I can be so that I can be the best mom I can be. 

Day 1 is over now and I feel good. 

This blog just took a new direction but that's okay. I'm totally 100% okay with our kids reading this one day. Hopefully it will help them if they are ever struggling, too. 

Good-night! This will be my last night in misery (hopefully), my huge ginormous pregnancy bed pillow gets here tomorrow!


  1. Awe girl, I give you so much have the will power! I tried and failed miserably last year. :(

    1. Thanks Whit! I'm hoping I can at least last this week :) So far, so good! It is hard!

  2. Good luck! I check Facebook out of boredom, not because I really have to/miss it. So I'm on it way too much in that sense. I read your last post about why you're giving it up and it's so true that mostly people are posting awesome things they're doing on FB or either complaining. So I've stopped altogether posting anything personal (unless I want to share big things like graduating with my family). I don't want to brag or complain, because there was a time when we didn't hop on the internet and tell our life stories to everyone. I wish you the best of luck! I'm not there yet, but I hope to quit altogether.