Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear Little Bean (3-22-13)

Dear Little Bean,

I felt a strong urge to write to you just now because you have literally been on my mind all day long. Hard to not think about you when you've been kicking me all day. (Which I love). A new cloth diaper came in the mail for you today and it makes me feel like a good mommy knowing that your bottom will always be have a soft diaper on. Daddy and I have been watching basketball all day. It's March Madness time. As soon as you can talk we'll let you pick your own brackets. You've probably heard lots of excitement happening today. I've also been working on your rug the whole day. Daddy said as soon as the rug is done he will put your crib together. I have a sudden need for your crib to be assembled so I've been working like crazy getting that rug done. I will take your picture lying on your rug each month to see how much you grow.

I want you to know how much your daddy and I talk about you...and to you. We already love you. We have loved you since you were just a thought in our minds. Now you're in my tummy and I'm so anxious to just be able to hold you. I have wanted to be your mommy my whole life. I promise to always do my best at this all-important job of being your mother. Know in advance that I'm going to mess up sometimes and I know you're not always going to be happy with me. I may change your diaper too late and you may get a rash. I may become distracted watching you and you could get a bump. You may be really mad at me one day when you learn about me and Daddy's dating rules.
Just know one matter what, I always love you. You'll mess up, too. There will be many time outs in our future and maybe some groundings. But just remember, we always love you. That is something that will never change.

This letter took a turn for the serious, when what I really wanted to tell you in the first place is that Daddy is the best cook ever. You'll find that out soon enough. We're lucky, you and I. Daddy is pretty much the coolest guy around. You're really going to love him.

We love you so much, Little Bean. Only about a week now until we find out if you are a girl or if you are a boy. We have been told an educated guess by our midwife, Lori, but we still want to know for sure. I talk to you all day long as if you are what she guessed so don't be mad if she was wrong, I'll love you just as much either way.

Ok, Daddy and I are going to take Cogsy for a walk.

I love you, Little Bean!

I've been singing this to you everyday and I always will...
"Hold your own, know your name and go your own way and everything will be fine." 

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