Saturday, March 16, 2013

All She Wants To Do Is Dance, Dance, Dance.

All I want to do is dance, all I should do is stop.
We have our 20 week appointment in 9 days and I already know what  my midwife is going to tell me...dancing is no longer something I'll be allowed to do. She already told me I can do it "as long as I'm not cramping or hurting." Well...that time has come.

Thursday I was pumped for dance with my team kids. 
I went to the studio around 2:30pm to choreograph for their practices that night from 5-7:30pm. I did quite a bit of dancing before their practices started and then taught them all and went all out. I had a blast with them. It felt so so good to dance and to just rock it out. (Thursday's are hip strength and absolute favorite). So I just went for it.

Then, I got home and shortly after ended up on the couch in tears unable to walk or stand due to pain and in fear that I had hurt our baby. I had the most extreme pain on my left side of my bump. After lots of reading, Matt and I decided it was Round Ligament Pain and that if it persisted to Friday without slowing that we would call first thing in the morning. (I had also taught an intense 2-3 class at 10am). It was a long, hard night before going to bed. 
I woke up in the morning to feeling like myself again so we did not call but made a decision together that I would not dance anymore. (At least not all out like that). My heart was broken. 

I knew this day would come; just did not expect it to happen so soon.
I now have 22 weeks of no "full-on" dancing. That will be the longest streak of my whole life. I am going to find a new outlet for my stress...and soon. When I'm upset or stressed out, I just dance or stretch. Either at the studio or at home. 

Today, just two days after the incident...I already broke the rule.

I had to.

No really, I had to.

tWitch taught a teachers class today at my kids' convention. I watched him teach my Juniors at 9am and then my Mini's at 10am. All the while I was bouncing in my chair and with the Juniors, I was marking the dance in the back of the room. tWitch is my dance hero. He's my favorite of all time. I promised Matt that when I got there today that I would not dance, no matter what.

I couldn't do it. 
Last minute I made the decision that I would go in and learn from him. I quick had one of my kids give me her hip hop pants (which felt awesome still fitting into them). It went like this... "Hurry Samantha!!! Give me your pants I'm going to go dance!!"(*she had another pair on just so everyone knows). The kids response, "Are you sure???" "Yes! Hurry so I don't go in there late and back out." I told the kids I'd be right back because I'd never last, and I ran in.

There were just 4 other teachers in the room and I got super nervous. I haven't taken a hip hop class in a very long time.  To break the awkwardness I just went for it and said, "Ok so I'm pregnant and haven't danced in forever, please no one watch or judge me." Everyone laughed and then the ice was broken and all was good :) I really wasn't sure if I'd be able to pick it up as quickly as they were.
The other teachers were all super nice and we all talked about dance and my bump.
Then tWitch came in and we got to groovin'. 

I learned the dance and danced with all my heart right along side tWitch for about 30 minutes. Some of the coolest dance minutes of my whole life. I felt like me again. Just me, in a room full of awesome dancers, just jammin'. 
Then....I got super winded and realized I needed to listen to my body and said, "Ok...I think the baby is done guys." Then tWitch said, "Yeah, you two should go sit down!" :) (hehe, he said you two). I then told him that I am not supposed to be dancing but had to dance with him today because I really look up to him and that I so much appreciated him teaching me today. He told me that he was really honored to teach us. I for the life of me cannot think of how he worded that, but it was again so cool :) I stayed and watched the end of the class. At the end I asked if it would be okay if we got a picture together for the baby's scrapbook...after all, it was the Baby's First Hip Hop Class! (Amazing!) He told me congratulations and that he was glad to be able to teach me today and we took a picture. 

{to answer Matt's question that you may have too, he's all hunched over because he said he felt bad touching me because he was so sweaty. I still think it's like the coolest picture ever} : ) Notice that I had a dress on, now rolled up because I turned it into a "shirt" so I could dance. I had Samantha's harem pants over my leggings.

Matt wasn't too happy that I danced because he didn't want me in pain tonight (and that I'm obsessed with tWitch lol--I kid), but I showed him the routine when I got home and he approved when he saw it was more of a "jam" than an intense hip hop dance. 

I really do know that it was my last time I'll dance like that until after Little Bean is born. It was a great way to end it. Not end it...but start this dancing hiatus. I will never forget that. Me and the Bean dancing with tWitch. 

Best part of it all....I'm pretty sure I felt Little Bean kick for the first time today. 
Dancer? Music lover at least...
This morning while I was in the warm up with the kids I was standing right next to the speaker and the bass was so loud that I could feel the vibrations. Shortly after (about 5 minutes) I sat down to watch my kids start ballet. I was leaning back and relaxed and the music came on...I felt a flick-flick on the inside of my tummy. Right under my belly button. I thought it was just a fluke so did not get too excited about it. Now I've felt it 2 more times today. I think that it is probably what I'm feeling. I don't know what else it could be :) 

My kids rocked it out today and I was so proud of them! I'll write more about the convention tomorrow night with pictures of all of that fun too!!
Good weekend!


  1. I don't blame you at all for dancing with twitch! I'm so jealous. He's one of my favorites too. No way would I just sit there. What a great experience for baby!

  2. How'd I not know hip hop is your thing?! That's awesome. My sister is a hip hop dancer as well! :)