Thursday, March 28, 2013

20 Weeks! ( Half Way There & Poppin' )

(Matt didn't like this picture because my eyes are squinting. I think I look extra happy)
Holy-Moly Belly! Wa-BAM. 

How Far Along?  20 Weeks!!! Halfway baby! I seriously cannot believe how fast that went. Makes me sort of sad, but also excited knowing I get to meet this precious little baby in just 20 more weeks-ish!

How Big is Baby?  As big as a banana :) 

Total Weight Gain:  At my appointment on Tuesday, I weighed 142.5 (started at 120.5). The hospital started me out higher than that so I'm not sure. Our scales battery's are dead and all I know is I'm glad. 

Maternity Clothes? Half and Half with shirts, always with pants.

Stretch Marks? Not yet. Still using lots of my Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream & Cocoa Butter. Bought a cocoa butter bath bar and had to throw it away because I came out of the shower with a rash all over my body. Yikes. 

Sleep: Slept well every night except for Monday night but I know that was because I was anxious for our appointment on Tuesday morning.  

Best Moment this Week: Hearing Little Bean's heartbeat. Still in the 140's. Best sound in the world, so far. I've also enjoyed feeling all LB's kicks. I also had a fun moment on Tuesday night when I arrived at the Community Center to teach. I have never made an official announcement to all the staff there that I'm pregnant. Katie knows and my close co-workers know because we obviously have talked about it and also created plans, but the front desk staff hasn't had an "announcement" from me. Well on Tuesday night when I came in, two of the women said, "Ok! We're just going to go out there and say look so cute! We can finally say for sure we think you're pregnant!" Hehe I giggled and thanked them and then told them I was almost 20 weeks. They said they were glad they knew for sure now :) Oops...I just assumed word spread.  

Miss Anything: Sometimes I miss things that haven't even happened yet. I've been telling Matt often that, "I miss him". (We're together 24/7). We're going to lose a lot of alone time together once Little Bean's here and I already pre-miss that. Does that even make sense?? Like will cuddling on the couch and watching random cooking shows at night exist anymore? He's close to getting a job and that makes me so happy but also selfishly makes me want to cry because I love being with him all day. 

Movement: Lots of kicks! I love it so much!!  

Food Cravings: Still loving sour. Mango A Go-Go smoothies from Jamba Juice are my new go to thing. I also love Grapefruit Izze's. Tuna is still one of my favorite things in the world, too. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Gender:  We got our appointment moved to tomorrow! Oh my goodness! I'm going to get a pedicure so that 2:00pm will come calmly. Holy man, 24 hours from this exact moment and I will be sitting up on that bed. Oh man, I'm freaking out. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. 

Symptoms: Round Ligament Pain. Ouchy. Lori told me to get a band to wear to keep my belly up and tight while I dance. 

Looking Forward to: Finding out the gender tomorrow and telling our family and friends this weekend!! I can't wait to confidently talk to Little Bean using he/she's name! Eep!!

**Side Note: Excited this week to find out that my insurance covers my breast pump 100%. It was something I was worried about because it's so expensive. Such a relief when I got to take that off of our registry :)

I sure love life right now. I'm on such a high :) 


  1. You are too stinkin cute!! I love reading your updates & can't wait to find out if your little babe is a girl or boy!

    1. I can't wait either...I'm so anxious!!

  2. I'm so anxious to find out if you're having a boy or girl! It seemed so surreal when I found out last week and I'm sure it took a few days to sink in! Are you going to announce the name or wait until he/she makes their appearance?

    1. We're super anxious. Well, I am. I slept terribly last night. If it is a boy we will definitely announce right away because we have known the name for years and most everyone who knows us has known our boy name for like 4 years :) If it's a girl, then we're still deciding to announce right away or not. :)

  3. Half way there!! You're getting there!!

    Can't wait to find out what you're going to have! :)

    I'm not a pro at this mama business by any means but I will say that (selfishly, I know) I missed my husband terribly the first few weeks after we brought Cooper home. Then we started taking my mom up on date night offers. We go once a week and spend time with just us. And as Cooper is getting older, he's calming down quite a bit so we have time to cuddle and watch shows..just not as often now. The first few weeks were really rough though-I'm not going to lie. But it's so worth it and it does get better!!

    1. That's so great to hear. We are lucky to have Matt's parents really close to us and I know that if Matt and I need time together that they will be happy to watch the baby :) Such a huge change!! But, the best change :)