Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear Little Bean (3-10-13)

Dear Little Bean, 

Tonight, your daddy read you a book (Mike Mulligan) and I sang to you while I made a playlist dedicated just to you. We have heard a few different things, but some of our books/apps say that you can hear us already and we are doing our best to make sure what you're hearing is all healthy and good. We went to your cousin's birthday party today and you are going to love playing with them when you're bigger. Clare already has plans to feed you 'smushed bananas' because, well...according to Clare, that's what you'll like. 

Daddy cleaned out your playroom tonight. He even scrubbed the floor. He means business in there and his plans of creating a magical Disneyland playroom for you are pretty fun. He is very excited to meet you and told you tonight that he can't wait to hold you in his arms. (He said it to my tummy...maybe you heard). You definitely felt his love, that I know because I felt it so you did too. 

While Daddy cleaned out your playroom, I organized your clothes (again) because you already have a ton. I think it's time we get your dresser. The piles on the table we have set up in there for now are growing quite large and we're already out of baby hangers. We are not 100% of your gender yet, so if we're wrong...we'll have some serious returning to do (tags are all still on). I have a strong feeling Lori is right though. (Daddy's pumped about you, just so you know). 

He just researched some serious baby monitors and thinks he has finally found one that's good enough to protect you. He asked that this be his project and he's putting lots of time into making sure you're safe. He's going to spend his whole life keeping you safe, as am I. Tonight when I was singing to you, I saw Daddy sneak a picture in. Maybe we'll show you when you're older. I could tell by how he was looking at me how much he loves me and how excited he is that you are in my tummy! He smiles to himself a lot more now and it's all because of you. 

We have so many fun things we want to teach you, Bean. It has been decided that we will have Disney music dance parties in our living room and that as soon as you're ready for your big kid bed one day, your little sleep buddy will definitely be Cogsy Wogsy. You're going to be best buds. We know where you will go to preschool and are starting a new savings account for that tomorrow. We have lots of hopes for you and they all have to do with what you'll stand for and not with what you do. We hope you always say your please's and thank you's and that you are always grateful for what others do for you. We hope you are strong enough to say no, but that you know when you need to be respectful to your elders. We hope you are happy and that you love life. 

I could probably sit here and write this letter to you all night, but I'm going to stop there for now. Daddy and I are going to bed. 

We love you to the moon and back (Daddy says that's not enough so times that by infinity).


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