Sunday, March 24, 2013

Crafty Mama

I was cleaning our apt today and found a bin full of ribbon and bows I made last year. Most of them were not yet finished so I got in a crazy crafty woman mood and finished them all and opened my Etsy back up. Really I'm going to sell them at the studio and if they sell on Etsy, awesome. And if they don't sell...well then, my nieces have like 25 new bows ; ) I'm going to sell them at our year end recital, too! Along with some tutus. 

Here are some that I made tonight.

You can find all the other ones in my Etsy Shop, 'Love, Chelsea Kay'. Matt's trying to help me figure out our photo stream right now though first. I just edited all the photos I took today of the bows and now it didn't update. Lame. He'll figure it out for me though :) I can't wait to bring them all in to the studio tomorrow! 

They all have an attached lined alligator clip in coordinating ribbon colors on the back and come with a crochet headband you can attach them to if you choose. 

I love getting crafty!

This was a good weekend. Cribs all put together! And today we bought all the frames for the Peter Pan illustrations to go above the crib. Post on that later. :)

Now, I'm working (what's new) but then I can sleep in tomorrow. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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