Friday, March 29, 2013

Little Bean Update!

It was a nerve wrecking day waiting for 1:30pm to roll around so we could leave for our appointment. 
We arrived around 1:45pm and it felt like forever for the door to open and hear my name called to the back. My blood pressure was a bit high today and it was definitely due to my nerves. I just wanted to know that our Little Bean is healthy. I did not care what we found out the gender to be, just wanted a healthy baby. 

And...that is what we have.
A perfectly healthy baby!

I will write more after this weekend and announce the gender after all of our family members have been told. My parents are the only ones to know right now. They hid in the closet from my siblings so we could tell them on speakerphone after our appointment. Tomorrow we are having Matt's family and Chris, Katie & Avery over for an Easter Celebration and we will announce to them!! On Sunday when all of my family is together at my Grandma's in WI, Matt and I will call them and announce on speakerphone to all of them as well. Then on Monday, I need to tell all of my team kids & parents with cupcakes as I promised...and finally on Monday night....I will announce on Facebook & my blog. Lots of amazing pictures, too! I cannot stop staring at them. Every time Little Bean kicks me now it feels even more real knowing who is in there. I am so in love. 

Healthy perfect little baby. 
Prayers answered.
Huge sigh of relief. 

I am the happiest mama in the whole world right now!

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