Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Plan to Stay With Our Baby.

**This is really just for me to read when I get down about having to work still when the baby comes. The plan was always to just teach at the studio once the baby came so that the baby could just come with me, but the reality is that I still need to teach many hours at the Community Center and preschools. It's been a hard reality for me but this makes me feel a lot better. If you make it to the end of this post...I'm sorry for the boredom of it, it really is just to make myself feel better.** :)

So, I know it is early, but I am a planner.
When I can't see what's coming or if plans change, I kind of freak out.
I know, I know...we change our plans a lot. (That's always in my control).
It's when it's out of my control that it freaks me out. 

After being up from 1-3am last night thinking about how badly I wish I could stay home with our baby more, I have a plan. There is absolutely no way possible that I can be a full-time SAHM and that be my only job. Owning my own business...that's just not in the cards for me. But...because I own my business, I can make my schedule more appealing and for Fall 2013, I think I have done just that.

I talked with my sister-in-law on the phone for a while yesterday and we talked about my plans for child care. (Which are still terrifying to me because nothing is set in stone). After we got off the phone, I realized that my schedule I had set was just absolutely ridiculous and totally 100% unfair to our baby. Not by anything she said, but by hearing myself say it out loud for the first time. 
Matt and I plan on being pretty laid back parents, but dragging our baby around from house to house, person to person...waking he/she up from naps...keeping them up from naps so they fall asleep at the person's house instead...etc. Just not fair. 
*Side Note: Our goal for our children is that they have have the same nap times every day but that they are able to fall asleep anywhere. Crib, stroller at Disneyland...anywhere. Hopefully just always around the same time.
With that being said, my schedule that I had planned for myself teaching was just not going to work.

SO...after being up all night and having a bit of a cry fest to Matt this afternoon, we sat down together...figured out how much we can afford to pay for other teachers to teach classes instead of me and figured out when I'd teach and who we would hope could watch our baby. 

Here is the plan. I'm writing this out here so it stays because it is really the best option and it makes me feel so much better. Huge sigh of relief. 
*For the sake of the example below, let's pretend our Little Bean wakes up at 6am (I hope so...more time together!)*

Mondays (the only sad day for me...Matt's most excited about this day):
6:00-9:15am Home with baby
10:00-11:45am Teach - baby to a friend/dance mom's house
12:00-3:30pm Home with baby
At 3:30pm I will bring the baby with me to the studio and my dance kids/moms will watch the baby while I teach. We are going to bring a bouncer, bottles, diapers, stroller, etc. to the studio so they have resources for him/her.
Matt will pick Little Bean up on his way home from work (hopefully he'll be working by then) and take him/her home for dinner, bath, story, bedtime just the two of them. Matt is so so excited about this. He asked me tonight if the first two weeks I will really help him learn how to give him/her a bath so he can do that every night. I love him so freakin' much. He's going to be the best dad of all time.
Bedtime 7:30pm
I'll get home around 8:15pm and be excited for baby to wake up to be fed around 11pm :) 
Monday's will be Daddy-Baby Night!

6:00am-2:30pm Home with Little Bean
2:30pm until Matt get's home we will need help while I have to teach. 
Home at 7pm, just in time to help with bedtime and nurse Little Bean. 

6:00am-2:30pm Home with Little Bean
2:30pm Bean and I will head to the studio. He/She will stay with me until Matt picks him/her up from the studio on the way home from work.
I'll get home around 6pm to spend family time together :)

6:00am-3:30pm Home with Little Bean
3:30pm Teach at Comm. Center...who will help is TBD. We may have to hire a college kid to come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, hopefully not though :) Matt's going to try to see if when he gets a job if he can go in early and work from home in the afternoon 1 or 2 days/week.
I'll get home at 7pm for family time before bedtime.

Home all day long!!!
Except Saturday mornings when Matt will have more baby time while I teach for an hour and a half :)

I feel much better about this seeing how much more time I'll get to spend with our baby, while still teaching 18 hours/week. Perfect :) 

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