Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spotlight Competition 2013

Our team kids completed their 2nd and last competition for the season. We're in the home stretch now and boy have they grown! Their dances from last month to this month had such an improvement and it was really neat to see. I am of course exhausted with my 17 week pregnant belly, but it was lots of fun and I'm very proud.

The girls took home a lot of awards including "Showmanship Award" for the whole competition. I was super proud of that one because I always won that award when I was little :) Pretty cool. 

*Embarrassing moment of the day: During awards I'm just standing in the back with Matt and a few parents listening to all the awards getting called off and hear, "Can we have the Director of Emerald City Dance come up on the stage?"....weird silence (maybe just in my head) as everyone watches me go up on stage all flustered (maybe some clapping was happening). My team kids are sitting up on stage waving away at me, lol. "So, please tell everyone your full name and what studio you're from.".....(shaking voice...Matt said I sounded great...yeah right) "Chelsea Lanese from Emerald City Dance." Everyone claps and cheers, I get some plaque (having no idea what for). Walk off stage feeling super weird. See one of my moms on the stairs, go to her. She hugs me and says "Great job!" I'm still thinking 'for what?' Then go up to Matt and one of our instructors, Alex, tells me laughing..."If we competed tomorrow too, all the directors go on stage together at the end, but since you guys are done today they're giving it to you now." HA! So embarrassing... Matt said he was bummed I wasn't showing off my bump more (apparently I covered it with my sweater while I was up there...probably a comfort thing) and jokingly said he was going to scream out, "That's my baby mama!" Haha...silly Matt. 

{All done competing and hungry for breakfast at 8:45am this morning}
{about half of us had breakfast at iHop}

 {Some of my little cuties waiting patiently backstage yesterday for solos, duets & trios}

It was a fun weekend of competition. Stressful at times. Some drama (of course). But overall, it went really well :) Now it's only 1:40pm and it's super sunny...time to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine!!

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