Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Disney Cruise Here We Come!!!!

Matt and I made a big decision on Monday night...
We will no longer be going to Sunriver this year...

We're going on an Alaskan Disney Cruise!!! Eeeeee!!!!! 

We get to hang out with these Alaskan cuties!

September 3rd-September 10th!!
With the cruise taking off from Seattle, we couldn't resist. We end up in Vancouver, so Matt's parents will be picking us up :) So nice! We are already counting down the days until we leave. It's fun that this summer feels a lot like last summer already because we were waiting last summer for our September 2nd wedding and leaving on the 3rd for our honeymoon. And now this year we're excited for our anniversary which is also Matt's sister's wedding and then leaving for our anniversary-moon the next day! We wanted so badly to go to Disney World for our honeymoon, so this is just awesome. 

Mel & Clint's wedding is in Seattle at the Aquarium so the next morning we can just wake up late, check-out of our hotel at 11am and then walk over to the ship to go on board! Yippeeee!! 

I have been pinning clothes and ideas like a mad woman. I can't wait to look all cute on the ship and to wear pretty dresses! We decided we're going to dress up for dinner every night :) 2 of the nights we get to be really dressed up with Matt in a suit and me in a gown/cocktail dress! I'll get to wear my awesome bridesmaid shoes more! We will be going to some awesome shows, "The Golden Mickey's", "Toy Story-The Musical", & "Disney Dreams-An Enchanted Classic." I can't wait to hug Pluto!! ; ) 

The lobby is all themed after The Little Mermaid which has me pumped because that is my all-time favorite movie! I want to get some awesome art while we are on the ship. I'm excited to shop in all the gift shops and to go to the spa!!!

You can find us at the pool (heated to 90 degrees) watching Disney Movies all day! I can't wait to get some new swim suits :)

We are beyond excited! Matt has a countdown going, we're at 96 more days!! Eeee!!
(Mel, just 95 until your wedding!!! Yay!)

Dear Summer,
Be awesome but go fast.


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  1. Chelsea-I am so excited for you! That looks like so much fun! What a great way for you to celebrate your anniversary!