Monday, May 7, 2012

Studio Design Inspiration V.1

So we officially got the lease to sign today! Tomorrow I'm going to take it with me to a notary to sign it and hand that baby in! Wahoo!! 

This weekend, Matt and I went to Ikea (love that place...we go WAY to much) to get some inspiration for how we wanted to design the space. We're going to go for a NYC dance studio vibe. (Dream. Come. True) I've always wanted to live in NYC and that obviously never happened, so this will be perfect-o! 

Here are some of our favorite things that we want to purchase from Ikea for the space :)
It's going to be awesome! I want it to be a fun space for the kids. Yes, there will be ballet classes there...but the time when I feel best is when I'm dancing hip hop. So, I want the colors in there to be bold and fun. I want the kids to feel like it's a space where they can be themselves and let loose! 
I love these!
 We are going to have a study center there for the kids and I love this table for that! I want to paint the base and awesome funky color like bright purple or pink. If I was a teenager again..kid again...I'd love that!
Same with these chairs. I love that I could paint the wood part all different colors. Like have each chair be a different color. FUN! I'm having a blast with this! I want to get 4 of these. 

 Perfect to store all of our summer camp craft supplies and any extra office supplies.

These cubbies are perfect for the team kids. We can put them back towards the office so they will always be supervised and the kids can keep their shoes in there each in their own bin. They'll have lots of different types of shoes, and this way I know they can't forget them at home. :)
...more to come later...time to take Matt to school and I'm headed to Target to look for more awesome stuff! :)

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