Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life Lately (via my iPhone)

Life has basically been just plain awesome lately.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
I have never been more content with the way things are going or with our plan in my whole entire life.

Here is our life lately, iPhone. 
Mostly "my" life lately because Matt doesn't let me ever take pictures of him 
(he's going to regret that when we're old!) it is....awesome life lately :)

A few weeks ago, we had our "End of the Season Party" for my team kiddos. The moms decorated it so cute! I can't wait for next years party at the studio!!!! Eeeee!!!! How cute are they?! I love them so so much and feel so blessed that I get to be their coach and watch them grow. One of them I've had since she was 4 and now she's I was looking at her and realized how big she's getting and it made me so sad :( Slow down!!!!

It was a lot of fun :)

We had a "Sibling Day" at Chris & Megan's a couple weekends ago and it was great to spend time together. I loved when all the kids were in bed and the guys were on their computers nerding it up while us 3 girls sat on the bed and just talked. I love having big sisters :) (Yes, I love having 2 little ones too!)
Here is Clare being cute...
2 seconds after this, Megan came out and told Clare to get down! ... oops...bad Auntie

My husband and big brother-in-laws being nerds! LOL

Just one more month until that sign says, "Emerald City Dance" and that space is all cleared out and ours!

This will be completely empty when we get it. I still can't believe it. It has been sinking in more everyday...I'm kinda freaking out with excitement! AH!

My kids went to a dance convention in Seattle and Matt and I went too :) Of course. Look at my little gangstas! haha! This teacher was in "You Got Served"!!! I learned along with awesome. Hip Hop is my favorite.

My "big" kids :)

We've spent lots of fun time with Avery :) I took this picture because she was holding her bottle by herself! Yay, Avery!!

And the Cutest Baby Award goes to.......drumroll please....Avery Elizabeth!!!! I love this picture :) What a little cutie-patootie!

Last weekend Matt and I had SUCH a fun weekend! This is us at the midnight showing of The Avengers...which was amazing! :) We were soooooo tired the next day. We went on a Thursday night and had Avery the next morning :) oops!

We spent a day in the city :)

We ate lunch at Hard Rock Cafe Seattle which we hadn't done yet :) Yum!

We made a gazillion freezer meals 3 weeks ago and are still enjoying them...lesson learned...pork sucks frozen and thawed. Ew. Live & Learn :) (The pastas good though!)

I wanted to make 6 more recipes but ran out of room :) It's so sad every night watching the pile go down...time to get cooking again. I can't wait to try new recipes!!

I got new dance clothes!!!!! That would be like any of you getting new clothes to wear to work. It's making me so excited to go everyday lol :) I had this on yesterday and my kids asked me if I was going swimming after. Ha. I wish! You can't tell in this photo, but its a pink crop bra, black dance shorts with a romper over :) I was headed to teach beginning ballet/creative movement. 

And I leave you with this awesomeness... I let my "old Chelsea" come out this week and it felt great! I've changed so so much since I've met Matt. Actually, last night we were talking about it and he admitted...when I met you, you were a litttttle bit ghetto. Ha! GOOD! My dad is too ;) I love that part of me. I love that I can bust out hip hop and am good at it. I love that I like rap (secretly but not secretly sometimes more than what I listen to usually). Matt's always getting mad that when  he gets in the car I always have some crazy music blasting...(oops). I don't have to change. I can be me. This is one of my new dance outfits I bought and I took these to send to my mom and dad lol. It felt good. Yes I live in the "burbs" and yes I want to be an amazing mom soon-ish and yes I own a dance studio...but this part of me will always be part of me. I like the "Orlando Chelsea"....I hope I never lose that actually :) I hope our kids love hip hop too. I hope they have some spunk in them :) 
This outfit was complete with an awesome tank and some huge sweats. My kids said to me, "Miss Chelsea, you look AWESOME!" when I came into hip hop yesterday to teach :) They also told me, "Real Gangsters don't wear pearls." did they know that?!

Matt was CRACKING UP at these pictures. He said that 4 years ago this was my norm...I don't know if I'd go that far. I asked him why did he date me if he knew I was like that? He said, "You have all the traits I wish I had..." (That's exactly why I love him!..he has all the traits I wish I had...)

Every Tuesday from now on, it's going to feel damn good to just be me... My dance parents got a kick out of it. Watching the kids at the convention I realized that I need to start busting it out for them more if I expect THEM to bust it out. So, I did. Outfit and all. I even did a "Skater" for them....(breakdance move where you flip onto one hand with your feet sideways over your head)...

Matt said I look like Cody (my 22 yr old brother) in those pictures. Good! :) 

I can't wait for this weekend...tomorrow I am interviewing another ballet teacher for the studio! Yay! 
(Don't worry...I'll dress appropriately in my "burb" apparel that has become my norm, weird how I grew up so fast...kind of makes me a little sad)...


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  1. love your new dance clothes! and she is the cutest baby ever!