Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Freezer Meal Recipes {Breakfast Burritos}

A few weeks ago, I was a cooking machine.
It's been so worth the 8 hours I spent cooking to have super yummy breakfasts and dinners everyday. 
Waking up every morning knowing I can choose from Pumpkin Pancakes, Banana Pancakes or a Breakfast Burrito makes me pretty excited about getting out of bed. 
Matt's a huge fan of the Breakfast Burritos. They are pretty small (McDonald's size) so he has 2 every morning. I haven't had any yet because pumpkin anything is my favorite of all-time so I've been eating those first :)

Here are the recipes I used for the breakfast burritos :)

Breakfast Burrito
{made the recipe up}
*12 eggs
*flour tortillas {we made 24}
*1 lb of ground sausage
*1 green bell pepper chopped
*1 yellow onion chopped
*tons of cheddar cheese (tons...I'm from WI)

Cook the meat in a skillet until browned. Add green pepper and onions. Set aside. Scramble 12 eggs in same skillet (don't leave too much grease in the pan). Add tons of cheese to the eggs. Cook eggs so they're a little runny. Now in a large bowl, mix the meat/veggies and eggs/cheese all together. You'll want to just eat it out of the bowl...yum! 
Spoon egg/meat mixture into the center of the shell. Fold bottom over and pull back so it's wrapped tight. Then wrap each side over, and wrap in tin foil. You can then fill a gallon freezer bag with as many as you can fit. We have 2 bags full in our freezer. Matt and I double teamed on this recipe and it was so much fun! I love when we just hang out together :)

*Next...Pumpkin Pancake and Banana Pancake recipes*


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