Thursday, May 3, 2012

Midnight Movie & Dance Update!!

Matt and I have a pretty cool schedule right now. I teach only Monday, Tuesdays & Wednesdays and Matt has school Mondays & Wednesday nights. Thursday/Friday we watch Avery but still count that weekend :) Right now I am sitting in the movie theater with Matt for the midnight showing of The Avengers. We got here an hour early and everyone already had seats. I'm getting super tired..... Matt's pumped! He's been excited about this for like a year. We also had a yummy dinner tonight at Hop Jacks, a new restaurant that opened in town. Best salad ever!! Southwest BBQ Chicken Salad. Mmmmm! Oh wow, Captain America just next to me... Ha! Iron man is down in the front row...helmet and all. We are taking advantage of our date nights like this knowing that one say midnight showings would be out o the question for a good 15-20 years....scary. I realize this post is boring and me blabbing but I'm trying not to fall asleep so Matt won't be mad. He endured a good 15 hours of dance convention waking up at 6am last weekend....I can handle a midnight showing :)

I had a great first meeting for our competitive team tonight! Last season (ended last week) had 12 girls. Tonight there are 22 girls on the sign up sheet for auditions!!!! I let them all make it, I just have to decide which group they go into (older or younger). 22!!!!! Ok, Matt's gotta go to the bathroom...need to hold the popcorn :)


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