Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rattlesnake Mountain!

We just got back from an amazing hike at Rattle Snake Ledge.
We were up early ready to go and headed up the mountain around 9:15am. We got down at noon. 
We went with Matt's parents and his mom's old trainer. 
The weather is beautiful here today and it was definitely the perfect day for this hike. 
We all felt pretty proud when we were done and can't wait for the next big hike.
We loved it.

We got some amazing pictures today!

 Matt and his dad at the top

 Just chillin' with my hubby at the top of a mountain :)

 My awesome in-laws :)

 I love this one :) and Matt has his Wisconsin hoodie on so it's even better

 Going down...

 The end :) The lake is so clear and blue, it's almost turquoise when you're standing by it. We all kept saying how my family would love it here with the kids.

Mountain Hikers!

 See that little peak on top....yep, that's where we were.

I'm already excited about our next hike. It was such a great way to start off the day. Now we're just chillin'. Matt is exhausted but I want to keep going and get out. We're going to take Cogs Wogs to the dog park and go to Barnes and Noble :) Tonight I'm making S'mores Cookies I found on Pinterest. Mmmmmm! Great day :)


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  1. Looks like the perfect days to me! I need to find some solid hikes around here - unfortunately the area is pretty flat.

    Hope the S'more cookies turn out.