Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Randoms

I have been working really hard on making the most of each day. 
So far, I've done pretty well. 

We had a nice weekend.
On Friday we picked Matt's parents and brother's family up from the airport after their trip to Disneyland.
We had Avery with us and I had fun walking around the airport with her pretending she was mine, Ha! Yes, Katie knows I do this lol. Matt does it too. We'll be somewhere and someone will say she's cute and we just go, "Oh thank you!!!" Ha! (Saves awkward weird explaining to cute little old ladies). 

This weekend we went and looked at some model homes in our favorite community. It felt even closer to being real and it was fun to look and dream. Except now we're saving for those dreams and it's exciting!
Here is our favorite floor plan for a town home we love. **Just Dreaming** We just realized this floor plan has a patio and we were all ready to accept the fact that we would have to bbq in the garage. :) These town homes are still being built and won't be done until closer to 2014 so there is a lot of time for us to get ready if we do still like these when it's time to buy a home. 

We also enjoyed taking Cogsy for a walk around the lake and we had breakfast with Matt's parents on Sunday :) 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today I have been praying lots and lots for my Uncle Jim, Aunt Lori and family. My Dad visited them today. My mom told me that the doctor came in and asked my dad to stop talking to her because her bloom pressure was going up to much. She is in a coma but can still hear :( My dad said he was talking to her telling her that he's there and is going to be there for Sam and Jim. :( I wish I could go there to give them hugs and tell them I love them too. I checked plane tickets but they were just too much. 

Today I went to one of our new locations to finalize everything for this Fall. I'm really excited to start at this new location. I'm working on hiring and scheduling everyone now. The building is absolutely beautiful!

This weekend is going to be nice and relaxing.
Saturday we're going on a family hike, I'm excited :) 


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