Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here's to May & Not Freaking Out.

This morning I took a leap (not literally)...a huge leap of faith.
You remember my last post, the one about the studio and how it is my dream come true...?
We were told everything was a go. I kept it quite for almost 3 weeks not telling really anyone except Matt and my family. For this exact reason...
I was told, it was all set to go for June 1st she was going to have her attorney make up the sub-lease and we would be set to go...she told me even where to buy my sign and that I should get it made so we can have it up June 1st.

Then yesterday :( ... she said the landlord needed information from us first ...
credit information... bank account information... a P&L Sheet (which I had no idea what that was)...and some other things.
I panicked. Oh and also 3 years of business history... we've only been open 1.5 years :(

So I worked my ass off yesterday doing all I could to prep for this. I called her letting her know that I am happy to give all of this to him, but unless he see's and understands our projected income, he isn't going to like my credit or bank account. She totally understood (she's doing this for us so we can have a nice start to our business) and told me to just keep trying my best and to explain it to him. She said, this is his procedure for everyone and he just wants to know I'm not a bank robber. 

I really hope so. I already told a bunch of my families...told Matt's family :( ...put it on Facebook. I feel awful. I'm so nervous that I feel sick. I'm so sad that I feel like laying in bed all day. The last thing I want to hear right now is, "You said you were getting a studio...you said, you said, you said..." Ah. I really hate that. 

Man, I hate my past self (every year of being adult except for this one) for f-ing everything up for myself now. 

I just sent an email. An email where I put every ounce of my heart into it. 
I sent him all the required paperwork but also a summary of our projected income for the next three years.
I hope he see's that the rent is just 6% of our total income. We currently pay 30%. I hope he knows that, "Oh yeah, this girl knows what she's doing and I believe her that she is going to pay all three years in the first year...okay, she can do it." Man....I'm freaking out. 

Matt's still sleeping so I had to push send alone. No turning back now. Now all I can do if fight for this. And fight I will. I am going to fight hard!
I have a parent meeting on Thursday with 25 families all thinking they are signing their daughters up for a dance team at a STUDIO. I don't regret telling them because I was told it was ours :(
I am fully prepared to go into his office if I have to to get this place.

We're just sub-leasing...I'm not buying a $1,000,000 building. The studio rent is less than our apartment rent.
Gah....I'm so nervous. 

Happy May everyone!


  1. Dont stress until you know for sure! It will just drive you nuts. I have been learning that the hard way! My husband always tells me "stressing and crying about it, will never change the outcome, so just wait and see what happens." I know its hard and I really hope to hear you got the place!!!

  2. Oh no! It will be ok, I hope! I can't wait to hear ALL about your studio! I'm so excited for you! What a wonderful dream come true!!

    PS- I've been following with each post, just not commenting! I've been reading more through my phone and I am not cool enough to have an iPhone (ha) so it's hard to comment on blogs! :)

  3. Thanks so much girls! I'm really praying hard that we get it. :) and Megan, I've been doing the same thing. I've been way slacking on commenting:)