Saturday, May 19, 2012

"What to Expect When Your Expecting" LOVE!

Do you love babies? I do...I'm obsessed. No really, it's a real problem I have. 
If should run, not walk, to see "What to Expect When Your Expecting".

I laughed so hard that Matt had to shush me and...cried so hard that Matt asked me if I needed to leave.
(the thought alone of a miscarriage will make me cry so to see someone go through that made me bawl...biggest fear in life) I watched my Mom go through a lot of tubal pregnancies and miscarriages growing up and parts of this movie brought that all reeling back except in a very scary, real, different way. Knowing that could happen to me makes me cry. 
Most of the movie I laughed and it made me just so much more excited to start a family with Matt. Those are going to be the best days of our lives. I need to learn patience. I'm not doing so well with that.
I give the movie a 10 out of 10. Matt says a 7. So, that's pretty good :) It was fun to watch together being in the place we are now in our lives. They definitely didn't beat around the bush, it was really real.

They touched on everything we've been learning about so it was cool.
They also touched on some super sensitive subjects that hit home.

*weight loss while trying to conceive
*c-sections...and the scary things that could happen after surgery
*wanting the "glow" but realizing that's unrealistic and just in the movies and magazines
*jealousy of pregnant women every time you see one walking down the street or in line with you at Target

We thought it was maybe a bad idea to go and see this movie because I want a baby so so bad (always have). But, actually agreed it was good for me to see because they didn't sugar coat it. It was real. I loved every second of it. Me and the woman bawling along with me in the seat next to me lol. Matt kept leaning over to make sure I was okay. At one point I almost did leave because it was too sad and real and all my biggest fears were real on the screen in front of me. I'm so glad I stayed though. 

Everyone keeps saying, "When you start trying you're going to get pregnant right away!" That is way to optimistic thinking when talking about making a baby. I know all too well about all the problems that can come along the way and how many women are out there with children or without children who have tried and tried before getting pregnant or not being able to get pregnant. 

Parenting is all around me in my everyday life. Motherhood especially. I am with so many kids and moms every single day. Moms who are pregnant, moms who are trying, moms who have lost early on and sadly later on in pregnancy. It's all very real to me. 

Anyways...this movie was awesome and if Matt would let me I'd be there again watching it right now :) 
We were pleased to find out that all the funny parts in the trailer were only about 1/4 of the funny parts in the movie. It's a funny movie even for people not quite ready for babies. There were tons of high school kids in there on dates (super weird), but they were even walking out laughing and liking it. 

GOOD movie!!
Ok, I'm done :) 

We had a great day today! Looked at some model homes, took a walk around our mini lake/pond, had a nice lunch together and bought me an iPad to use as our register for dance :) Fun day!


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