Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend Fun

We had another great weekend. 
Thursday & Friday we had Avery and the little stinker barely napped (oops...I played with her way too much) ; ) 
This little munchkin is just 10 days away from being 5 months old...she's growing so fast! We absolutely love our time with her, and her mommy & daddy too :)

{Avery, 4.5 months. Working on her mad sitting skills. She can balance for 2-3 seconds :)}

This was our day when we played...a lot. Like, she didn't sleep for a full 4 hours...oops! :) 

Auntie Chelsea & Avery just hanging out :)

Thursday night we went out with Matt's parents and celebrated signing the lease on the studio! Mmm Tutta Bella :) 

On Saturday I went in to check on my classes because I don't teach on Saturdays anymore, I have other teachers teaching the classes. It was fun to see the families. 
I left at noon before the last class and Matt and I had time to head to our farmers market (our wedding location). We loved being there. It was hot out! Walking around there seeing all the families, Matt and I were talking about how we feel it will be worth waiting maybe another year more than we thought to buy a home so we can live here forever. I want to bring our kids to this farmer's market...where we were married. I loved walking around and having my kids there saying,"Hey Miss Chelsea." and being so nonchalant about it that I would just walk past and say, "Oh hey ________!" It really is home here. I don't want to leave.

Busy day at the market!

My first time buying food from a food truck! Molly Moon's!!! Mmmmmm!

"Scout" Mint! (Girl Scouts Thin Mints in natural homemade mint ice cream!)

New added to my nail polish obsession collection. Essie Mojito Madness. I love it!

On Sunday we had a great family day with Matt's parents, his sister and her fianc√©. We took a walk together as a family on the lake in the morning and then us 3 girls went out dress shopping for Marie's Mother of the Bride dress. It was so much fun! Mel and I bought our shoes for her wedding too! I'll leave Mel's a surprise, they're a-mazing! She's a pretty awesome big sister to let me buy these!!! Whoa! I've never ever in my life had shoes as beautiful and sexy as these...Hehe I'm so excited! They're wedding day will be our 1st Anniversary so these make that even more awesome : ) 

I'm so so proud of my husband right now. Matt, Marie & Mel and doing "The Biggest Loser" together this summer. Every Sunday morning through this summer we will be going over there for their weigh in and a healthy breakfast together. Matt's been working really hard this week. He's been going to the gym, running and taking Cogsy for walks :) If he wins or doesn't, I'm so proud of him for his motivation right now.

I'm looking forward to another fun filled weekend. 

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