Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hangin' Tough

When I was little, that was my favorite song.
"Hangin' Tough"- New Kids on the Block
I used to have a stuffed "Jordan" doll and my parents have video of me "talking to him on the phone" telling him he better get home for dinner because Gamma and Poppy (Grandma & Poppy) were coming over. Pretty funny. When my mom was in the hospital delivering my brother Cody, she had a c-section and was there for a while. My parents bought me the tape and by the time they got home...I had every song memorized. I wasn't 2 yet.

Anyways, this is my theme song for this week. For the next 6 to follow as well.

These past 3 days have been tough. For Matt too.
He's doing well with the job search and has some great bites. He hasn't talked to his familia yet so more details to come after he does that. He's also trying to wrap up work before the end of Friday and has a test tomorrow night and a paper due on Sunday. Whoa.
I have taught 15 classes in the past 3 days and will be teaching 20 classes/week for the next 6 weeks. As a dance teacher, that's like suicide. 15 is my max. The getting out of debt thing is awesome, but that equals an exhausted me. Next quarter I have my teachers teaching more and me teaching just 16 instead. Still more than 15, but not 20. I love my job and love the kids but feel like I could give them more and it's making me sad and worried. One of my mom's told me tonight that I looked like I was pale and looked like I was going to pass out after Boys Hip Hop. More water.

So...until March 23rd after our recital...(which is also my brother Cody's birthday), I'll be "Hangin' Tough". Matt finished this quarter of school around then too :) We got this! I am so very thankful we do not have a baby right now or that I am not pregnant yet. I can't imagine how tired I would be then. I'm glad I learned this lesson now instead of later. (When that day comes I already have subs in place [thank God] and a complete binder for them to follow with a lesson plan for each class each day, even a sub that is fully prepared for if I needed help last minute if I ever got morning sickness). Ha, annyywayyss From now on, for next quarter, I'm going to have to suck it up and let others teach my classes even when I know I'm available. I'm just not mentally able to be patient enough to teach that many classes. 2 year olds are extremely hard to teach how to dance for 40 minutes :)

I'm super proud of Matt and am looking forward to sharing our news. All I can say is keep your fingers crossed :) Ok, time for bed now! Thankfully tomorrow I just have my 2-3 year olds at 10, then my yearly (ugh, I hate going to those) and then coaching at night. An extremely chill day compared to the past 3.

G'Nite :)

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