Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vancouver (Part 4: Stanley Park, Heading Home)

I am hosting/teaching a dance camp all week this week and now Vancouver feels like it was so long ago...we were just there 2 days ago :) We are craving being back on vacation. It's so nice to have time to spend solely on each other. 

Here are the last photos from our trip.

We decided to just drive around Stanley Park on this trip because it was raining and I had to get home because I had camp in the morning.

Lions Gate Bridge

Such a good weekend together!! 

I still feel like newlyweds :) When does that title not exist for us anymore? 

Officially on US soil...immediately got a bajillion text messages about camp and my teachers subbing. Crossed the border and had to start working. Lame. This was me texting lesson plans to my sub for that next morning lol.

The Peace Arch between Canada and the US.

Our ride home was looonnnggg. What should have been a 3 hour ride turned into a 6 hour drive. We took a "detour" on hwy 99A instead of hwy 99...oops. Canada is sucky at having signs on their roads. We couldn't find signs anywhere. We waited at the border for about an hour and a half and then Matt almost got arrested. Well, not really. You're supposed stop when the car ahead pulls up to the interrogator...Matt didn't stop lol. We were talking about all the crazy technology and didn't see the stop sign...oops. We got scolded and told that normally she would have to pull our car to the side and keep us for 2 hours while they inspected every square inch of us and our car....awesome. I'm so glad we didnt' have to do that. #1 we were starting and #2 I was completely ADD focused on prepping camp. 

We had an amazing trip!!!! I can't wait for our next one :)

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