Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vancouver (Part 3: Dinner & Aquarium)

(Ok, dinner's in the oven...I can write this last post before it's done)

We really had the best time on our trip. I'm already excited to start planning our next trip together! 

After a long morning of driving, the Capilano Suspension Bridge, lunch, walking around town and hanging out in our awesome room...it was time to go out again!
We walked around Burrard St. and had fun window shopping. We bought an awesome bath bomb for me at Lush because our hotel room had a huge bathtub and cozy robe that was calling my name for when we got home :) I liked Vancouver a lot but definitely appreciate Seattle even more now. I love where we live so so much. I love our city. I love the feeling I have walking around Seattle. Vancouver wasn't bad, just different. Not as busy or exciting. 

We walked around for a good hour debating back and forth between a few restaurants. We knew we definitely wanted to eat somewhere we hadn't before. We decided on a steakhouse called, The Keg. We were both extremely happy with our decision! I'm not a steak fan, I actually don't like it at all. I don't really like meat that much. I'm not a vegetarian, but I just would rather eat pasta :) I wanted Matt to be happy because he always lets me pick, so...steak it was.

The Keg has now forever changed my mind on steak and from now on, if Matt makes steak, just bring out the goat cheese and pecans and I'll be a happy girl. O.M.G. Best dinner ever. My mouth is watering just thinking about our dinner. Matt said his steak just melted in his mouth. Mmmm!! So good. The restaurant was really dark and romantic. I had wine and Matt enjoyed a beer. We were seated in a booth which happened to be next to a drunk guy that had just gotten dumped. He was so loud and obnoxious that by the time it was time to order, we knew his whole life story lol...our waiter was amazing and moved us :) We got free drinks! We had a great time talking and just sat there for a long time enjoying our food and each other. It was perfect.



After dinner we headed back to our hotel. I've been having some insane weeks teaching all these classes so as a treat, Matt said that I had to take a bath and read my Kindle by myself for a while :) It didn't last long because I wanted to spend time with Matt but after I got to curl up in the hotel robe and felt like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" :) I loved it! 

The next morning we slept in until like 9 or 10 and got out around 11. I had Starbucks for breakfast and Matt...he had The Works :) (fries covered in um...well, everything) LOL. I got some new shoes and a scarf at H & M too. We then wanted to head to Stanley Park. When we got there, we parked and then saw signs for the Aquarium. We thought, "why not?" and bought our tickets! We were so glad we did! The Vancouver Aquarium is great! We did so much there! There was a dolphin show, Beluga Whales!, a fun 4D Planet Earth show, otters, seals, & some awesome fish. We ate lunch there too.
We definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Vancouver!

(I'll post a video of the dolphin show later too for my baby sister, Cirrah!)

"Baby beluga in the deep blue sea, you swim so wild..." oh wait.........sad :(

I loved the Beluga Whales!!!

4D Planet Earth show! ... we always take pictures like this when we have 3D glasses on lol.

Awesome, awesome day! (dinner's done now though) To be continued.....................

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  1. I haven't been to the aquarium up there in so long! I can't wait to go again and take the kids. Looks like you guys had fun!